Sample Application Letter Essay on Letter of Recommendation from Employer for Scholarship

March 19, 2004

Secretary of the Golden Key International Honour Society

1040 Crown Pointe Parkway

Suite 900

Atlanta, Georgia 30338

Re: Letter of Appraisal for Name

Dear Sir/Madam

I draft this recommendation letter on behalf of Name who is seeking both Education Debt Reduction Scholarship and Graduate Scholar Scholarship for his Masters in Business Administration from Nova South Eastern University that starts in July 2014.The funds will also enable him to obtain an Anti-Laundering Certification at FIU that will improve his chances of working at the Fraud Department of a Bank. This certification will broaden his career in criminology, which is his area of interest.

I met Name three years ago when he was posted as a data entry intern. His work majorly involved preparation and sorting of data, entering customers and accounts data into database and reviewing the data entered. Name proved to be dedicated and dependable at his job and was therefore offered a Loss Prevention Internship on the August of 2013 after he had graduated from UF with Bachelor of Criminology.

As a Loss Prevention Intern in the period of August of 2013 to March of 2014, he was able to conduct hourly inspections of warehouse, perform periodic checks of employees, and complete a daily activity report of loss prevention reports. During his tenure as an intern at Pan American Graphic Inc, Name was able to foster teamwork at his workstation by establishing lasting and meaningful relationships with customers and other employees. Name’s dedication was also demonstrated in his class work as he managed to graduate with a GPA of 3.73 at UF. This places him as an all-rounded student in both class and field work as demonstrated in his efforts at Pan American Graphic Inc.

Name is driven by the desire to succeed in all that he does. At his workstation, he would dedicate all his efforts into the completion of any task that had been handed to him and the results were definitely pleasant to his colleagues and me. He works extremely hard to complete all tasks that have been assigned to him and they are completed at the right time, as he meets all the set deadlines that have been issued to him. Name is dependable, responsible, honest and very keen on details of the instructions given to him that he can manage to inform me of what each employee around his working station are working on through the day. Due to his reliability l made him responsible for other interns. His duty, therefore, is to delegate duties to other interns. His responsibilities have further been expanded to include being in charge of opening the doors to the office early in the morning and late in the evening after office hours, as he is trustworthy.

His dedication and efforts in his workstation were not fruitless as he has received several awards and acknowledgments. Name has been recognized as the “Employee of the Month” on November of 2013 and February of 2014 for his hard work, punctuality and ability to meet deadlines. In 2009 he was selected as a recipient of “Achieving the Dream Scholarship” that is awarded to students of Hispanic heritage that are working towards achieving their dreams of getting a college education. Name also serves the community by volunteering at the Child Advocacy Centre in Hialeah, Florida. The center helps sexually abused and neglected children overcome traumas by providing emotional support through talks, engaging plays and drawings. He also participated in online trainings provided by the National Children’s Advocacy such as: “Victims Assistance: Preparation and Support for Children in Criminal Proceedings” and “Best practices in the Treatment of Abused Children and their Families” to be able to provide children with the support they need.

To sum it up, I recommend Name for the two scholarships as they will enable him to achieve his goals of becoming an AML and Fraud investigator as he upholds the Golden Key Pillars of academics, leadership and service, and he also lives up to the Golden Key Values of integrity, collaboration, innovation, respect , diversity, excellence and engagement.

Please feel free to contact me in case of inquiries about Name through the following contact details:


Manager at Pan American Graphic Inc

Phone number:

Thank you for your time.

Yours faithfully,