Sample Application Essay Paper on Social work profession

Interest Statement

Pursuing a career in social work has always been my dream because of a childhood experience. The interest was triggered after losing a childhood friend aged seven years after being neglected by parents after becoming alcoholics and living the child fed by well-wishers. The child lingered in situations that were not suitable and did not have a permanent home. The kid became stressed and later advanced to depression, forcing him to consider suicide the only solution to the hard life. I was overwhelmed by losing a friend and blamed it on the lack of community social workers concerned with neglected children’s welfare. Since then, I have vowed to pursue a career in social work to avoid the occurrence of such incidences in the future within my community.

The social work profession particularly inspires me because of its holistic perspective of working at home, occupational, educational, and community settings to facilitate collaboration across various support systems. Identifying challenges to behavioral, emotional, and social health and subsequently overcoming these challenges via successful interventions serve as the foundation of a social work career. These facts motivate me to evaluate the current intervention strategies and develop new ones to identify the most effective evidence-based practices that can solve existing problems in modern society (D’aprix et al., 2004). My aspiration to pursue the social work profession is to support children’s welfare by identifying effective strategies across the learning institutions, home, and other alternative settings. Therefore, pursuing a graduate degree in clinical social work with a bias in mental health will create an opportunity for me to acquire the skills needed to achieve this objective.

Academic Statement

Many higher learning institutions are offering social work program, but Florida University remains the best choice for pursuing my career because of different reasons. First, the university offers programs designed to equip learners with the skills required for generalist social work practices in different settings. The social work program involves a trauma-informed curriculum that focuses on social work at personal, community, family, organizational, and group levels. Secondly, the university offers a comprehensive one-year field placement experience to learners on their social services agency choice. Thirdly, the institution has competent clinical social workers who serve as lecturers, such as Lola Lin, Jennifer St. Clair, and Francesca Ferretti (University of Florida, 2020). The professionals have made Florida University popular among the learners interested in the social work profession, motivating me to be part of the cohort. Lastly, my interest in studying at Florida University is attributed to partnering with other agencies and learning institutions that offer unique programs that help learners earn associate degrees before the social work program to complete their graduate degree.

I possess some of the core competencies required in tackling significant tasks in the social work profession. I have experience using the internet and computer technology, such as video chats, social media, and emails. For instance, I have been using video chats and various social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp to offer family and personal assistance to some people who have been depressed in my community following the COVID-19 pandemic. Such experience will facilitate my learning process at Florida University in terms of conducting research, doing assignments online, submitting emails, and attending online classes, especially during this era of coronavirus.

Further, my ability to pursue a social work career is supported by academic achievement and experience in various fields. I have a degree from University of Florida where I majored in social working and graduated with a Second Class honors Upper. During my undergraduate, I worked at the social work department and Center for Learners with Disabilities as a personal assistant and a note-taker. Initially, it was difficult for me to apply the learned concept in interacting with special needs learners. However, interacting with children with disabilities afforded me insight into the treatment of disabled people by society and misunderstanding concerning invisible disabilities. The opportunity exposed me to difficulties faced by children with various disabilities and barriers they ought to overcome. Such realization triggered me to advocate for equal treatment of disabled people in the community.

After graduating, I started working as a mental health worker within my community by supporting young people experiencing a psychiatric, behavioral, and emotional crisis. During this time, I enrolled in a welfare certificate course that allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of children’s challenges, such as neglect by parents, victimization, and trauma. The experiences and exposure will make it easier for me to cope with various challenges experienced by learners at the masters level, such as applying concepts required in dealing with disabled people and procedures involved in designing individualized treatments.

Social Justice Statement

I will use the acquired skills and expertise from Florida University to promote social justice, promoting environmental and economic justice to all in the community. Environmental justice will involve assisting individuals experiencing the effects of environmental degradation, such as marginalized and poor people. I will use my skills to fight for the poor and marginalized people’s rights to ensure they enjoy similar privileges with others in society (Lombard &Twikirize, 2014). Some of the economic issues that I will focus on fighting in my community include rights to work, education, and safe housing among the poor and marginalized, mostly neglected children.



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