Sample Anthropology Paper on “Go Tell It to The Moon”

In the novel Go Tell It to The Mountain, James Baldwin brings out the themes of redemption race, and struggles. The authors use John to bring out redemption, Richard for discrimination, and the church to bring out the conflicts. The author brings out the efforts of a black American family with the contemporary world.

John redemption through Christ’s salvation saves him from sin and punishment. He hears the call to begin ministering. During childhood, John did not connect with his family’s religion but became inspirational towards his later years “When he was young, John paid no attention in Sunday School…”. In his adulthood, he begins to reflect upon God’s has deeds and favours on him and his family “… something moved in John’s body that was not John”. After his struggle with the world around him, John receives salvation through Christ “[the sun] struck John’s forehead, where Elisha had kissed him, like an ineffaceable forever” (p. 23). After redemption, John takes after his father in preaching the gospel.

Richard battles with concepts of prejudice throughout his life. He is determined to prove to the white supremacist that he is equally intelligent. Florence felt that his curiosity and intelligence would be his ultimate fall “I just don’t like all the ragtag… it looks like you think so much of.” He rants “And what you want me to do, Florence? You want me to turn white?” On the counter “You ain’t got to be white to have some self-respect!” (p. 96).

The church is symbolic of the struggles of the minority. The church does not only serve as a front for the Grimes family (p. 113). It also represents the struggles and conflicts within their environment coupled with poor living conditions. it depicts a people forced to use second-hand things and to other a place for hope and peace

The novel brings out the struggles in human life. The author introduces racism, redemption, and the church to bring out the experiences of the minority. Salvation is the only intervention for all the struggles in life.



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