Sample Annotated Bibliography Paper on Descriptive studies

Description and Instructions:

The purpose of the assignment is to provide the opportunity to experience the process of developing a group using evidence-based practice. The purposeful selection of relevant, peer-reviewed journal articles will help you to develop a knowledge base and gather ideas pertaining to your group project. Articles from peer-reviewed journals include the following:

  • Descriptive studies, which discuss programs or group interventions
  • Case studies, which describe a particular group experience or intervention
  • Evaluative studies, which look at the effectiveness of various types of group work interventions

Carefully select 4 articles from professional literature, each pertaining to one of the questions identified in Assignment 1: Abstract and Group Planning. Ensure that your articles are selected for applicability to the population you will be serving and/or their provisions of empirical support for the evidence-based practices, programs, or interventions discussed.

Make sure that you choose articles from peer-reviewed journals (for example, Social Work with Groups) rather than from popular magazines, websites, or newsletters. 


Using 2 typed pages (double-spaced) for each article.

(1) prepare a summary of each article

(2) discuss the article in terms of its usefulness to you in planning, developing, and/or implementing your group project; and

(3) critically evaluate the article by discussing its strengths and limitations, as well as any questions that remain unanswered for you.


The assignment will be a total of 9 typed pages (2 typed pages for each article; abstract is on its own page), double-spaced, adhere to APA (6th ed.) style of documentation, and follow the formatting template.


Follow the instructions carefully, using the headings and responding to the prompts provided for each topic. 


Compose a brief abstract (150–250 words) providing an overview of your rationale for the articles you selected; summarize the knowledge obtained from the articles and their value to your group project.

Note: One abstract is to be written for the assignment.

 The following elements are to be written for each article.


Briefly summarize the article. In other words, what was this article about?


Provide your rationale for selecting the article and its relevance to your group project, identifying the question (from Assignment 1: Abstract and Group Planning) that was addressed by the article. Describe the value of the article to your group project, specifically detailing knowledge gleaned and its significance to your professional development (related to group work) and/or to your group project. Discuss the ideas you got from the article that support the concept you have for your group. Also discuss anything that might refute your initial conception of the group (if applicable). Examples of questions to consider when describing the relevance of each article follow:

  • Does the article offer suggestions for evidence-based interventions or activities with your chosen population?
  • Does the article provide evidence about the benefits of using group work with your chosen population?
  • Does the article recommend using specific leadership skills or techniques for the group you plan to lead?
  • Does the article offer information that will assist you in determining criteria for membership or membership selection?

Critical Evaluation

Critically evaluate the article, addressing the questions that are left unanswered after reading the study. Also, describe any limitations or problems you identified in the research (methods, measures, sample, and so on). Articles from peer-reviewed journals generally fall into one these types of studies:

1.) Descriptive studies, which discuss programs or group interventions.

2.) case studies, which describe a particular group experience or intervention.

3.) evaluative studies, which look at the effectiveness of various types of group work interventions. State the type of study covered in the article.

Review Checklist for Items Needed

❏ Used formatting template for this assignment

❏ APA (6th ed.) style of documentation 

❏ Written in first person, except for summaries

❏ Annotated bibliography written for 4 articles

❏ Abstract: One abstract written for entire assignment, 150–250 words

❏ Page requirement: 2 pages written for each annotation, total of 9 pages

❏ Identified corresponding question addressed by each article (from Assignment 1: Abstract and Group Planning), in the Description/Discussion section