Sample Agricultural Studies Paper on Herbal Medicine

Agricultural Studies Herbal Medicine

In Canada, the use of herbal medicine has consistently gained popularity over the past years (Gagnier et al. 87). Arguably, the preference of herbal medicine in Canada is believed to be because many patients feel that it is a healthier way of getting cured.  Also, it is thought that it cures many diseases that the physician might not know, and this has raised concern as most people opt for it. In Canada, it is a concern that most people have developed a feeling that herbal medicine is cost effective compared to over the counter drugs. Additionally, the drugs are also believed that they save time as they lead to patients treating themselves as they can administer drugs on their own (Gagnier et al. 87). It is common knowledge in Canada that herbal medicine is efficient and safe to administer. The Government of Canada regulates the use of herbal products by licensing commercial use and sale of the drugs. Also, the drugs are properly labeled, and correct prescriptions are given before sale to patients. The label must include the name of drug, license number, the quantity of product packed, recommended use, any precaution to be taken and special condition for storage. People are advised to report any unwanted reaction if experienced so that it can carry out more research on the product. Notably, the Canadian government has put measures to regulate the natural remedies by carrying out clinical trials to establish the effectiveness, absorption, excretion and metabolism of the drug (Mills et al. 96).

Due to the increasing use of herbal medicine, I do agree that there should be extensive regulation of the product as the product can easily get abused as mostly it is self-administered, it can also be risky as most people believe it can treat unknown diseases. It is common among people to utilize herbal medicine, how do herbs work?


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