Sample Admission Essays on Heading Toward that Degree

Purpose or Goal

I am a Registered Nurse who is patient-focused and detail-oriented and has extensive professional experience. I am committed to the provision of comprehensive care to patients and their families towards the development of the medical professional practice. Critical thinking and decision-making skills characterize my personal and professional progress. I am aware of the pressures that sometimes define the nursing practice, the environment that I have mastered to work under. I work at Float Pool RN at the Providence Regional Centre where I am tasked with the responsibility of assessing, diagnosing, and reporting on the nursing cases to improve patient care and outcomes. However, my immediate goal is to complete my BSN program at the University of Providence.

I also want to continue playing my role as a Float Pool RN at the Providence Regional Centre. In this institution, I also serve in the member sustainability committee. I hope to complete the BSN program by the year 2020 after which I intend to explore other opportunities within the nursing profession. My professional experience also comes from previous assignments. In the past, I have worked in the Surgical Unit, Medical Surgical Unit, and Neuro Units at the Providence Regional Centre. I work hard towards achieving the experience that will help my productivity in the health sector. Through education and training, I am on my way to achieving my goals.

Completed Education

So far, I am a Certified Medical Surgical Registered Nurse, Stroke Certified, RN licensure and certified towards Advanced Cardiac Life Support. The above certifications are testimonials towards hard work and the quest to make a positive contribution in the nursing sector. I acquired my Associates Degree in Nursing from Everett Community College, Everett, WA in 2010. Nursing is a profession that requires quality training before qualification. Currently, prerequisites for a nursing program entail achieving not less than 30 credit hours in biology. Some of the units in biology include anatomy, microbiology, levels 200 and 300 in physiology. Additionally, interpersonal communication 150 also helps in equipping the nurse with interpersonal skill and rapport with clients and leaders. Sociology and English are also part of the requirements for joining the nursing program. I completed the above subjects before being admitted to the nursing program. Other than the educational background, I have developed Information Technology (IT) skills, especially on the Microsoft Office application. I can plan and implement successful healthcare programs. Other competencies include wound care protocols and telemetry.

Summary of Current School

Currently, I am pursuing a degree course in Bachelor of Nursing Science at the University of Providence, Great Falls, MT. The institution is impeccable when it comes to training nurses. Lecturers are qualified medical and nursing personnel with a deep understanding of the various factors that affect the profession. They work towards adding knowledge towards patient health care. At the institution, I am currently undertaking the following prerequisite classes: Nutrition 271, English 312 and ILC 350. As noted above, I also work as an RN Float Resource Team and Sustainability Committee member. The privilege of studying while gaining field experience is an added advantage to my professional quest. My current duties include maintaining ethical and holistic care to all patients in a way that promotes the organizational policies and regulations in place. I am also tasked with the responsibility of communicating relevant information to the patients, their families, and other relevant persons within the nursing team. Health, the safety of the patients, family members and other staff is part of my responsibility within the organization. Therefore, my current education and job description are critical to attaining my Bachelor of Nursing Science. I am sure of my positive contribution to the nursing sector after my degree. In addition to my nursing education, I have studied Information Technology, gaining knowledge on Microsoft Office application. In summary, my experience and educational background give me the ability to plan, implement and report healthcare programs in the nursing sector.

The Future

My immediate plan is to work towards attaining my degree at the institution. If all goes well, I will complete the BSN program by spring 2020. After attaining my degree, I plan to explore new opportunities in healthcare. My education and training will have granted me enough experience to make a positive contribution to the healthcare sector. I am passionate about contributing to the sector. I am aware of the need to keep up with the current challenges in the health sector. My passion for healthy living is an added advantage that drives me to explore more opportunities in healthcare. In the future, I desire to work in other healthcare sectors to understand and appreciate new challenges. Effective nursing programs require planning and implementation. In my previous experiences, I have worked in sectors that require planning and implementation. On the same note, I am also competent in wound care protocols. Such experiences will help me in the quest for more opportunities in the healthcare sector. I want to be part of the change in the sector. After my education, I will be able to face new challenges and be part of the solution.