Sample Admission Essay on Syracuse University

Sample Admission Essay on Syracuse University

Accessing the proper education is a fundamental determinant on the extent to which one can achieve his/her career plans in the future.  In recognition to this aspect, I am committed to developing the relevant and competitive skills and knowledge in engineering. The knowledge and skills gained will play an essential role in my quest to become an exemplary engineer. Therefore, the desire to gain not only knowledge but to also venture in more practical sessions usually guided my career path development. This prompted my decision to enroll for an engineering course at Syracuse University with a number of aspects being crucial in making up the decision.

One of the factors influenced my choice of Syracuse University entails the fact that the University has developed a community of scholars focused on advancing the engineering knowledge.  This aspect is underlined by the fact that the University has integrated a strong culture characterized by a high degree of responsiveness, agility, and creativity (Syracuse University par. 1). Such cultural elements will highly influence the extent to which the teaching staff at the University transfers knowledge. On the basis of this aspect, I will be able to gain the knowledge required of an Engineer.

The decision to enroll at Syracuse University was further informed by recognition of the University’s commitment in research. The university has entrenched research and development as one of the approaches in the learning process. The research and development programs at the University will contribute to attainment of new knowledge hence strengthening my creativity and innovativeness, critical in the engineering field.  It is my belief that pursuing a course at the University will contribute to attainment of my skills in engineering. This will not only contribute towards achieving my dream of increasing my competiveness with regard to employability in the engineering labor market but also increase my entrepreneurial capability. Accordingly, I will be able to establish a successful engineering firm, which has always been my dream.  In summary, enrolling at Syracuse University will positively contribute to my quest to achieve career progression in engineering.


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