Sample Admission Essay on Lawrence of Arabia

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.”  Without knowledge, people lack the power to tackle and find solutions to a myriad of world’s problems. It is for this profound reason that I seek to be among the erudite students selected to pursue studies in …..

My story

            I vividly remember the day I and my entire family fled from the place I once called home. Chants and screams filled the air as our eyes were filled with tears from the smoke being released from our burning 3 bedroom house. I was 10 years old, the first born of 3 other siblings. The sporadic war led us to seek refuge to a safer heaven, a foreign country popularly referred to as a Superpower Nation. From riches to rags as we suddenly became poverty-ridden with unlimited quantity of basic needs. Even though life had not been the same, my parents managed to cling to small jobs in America with the hope of enrolling me and my siblings back to school. Being my 9th year of stay in America as a legal immigrant, I have developed the desire to one day return to my now peaceful country of origin in a bid to contribute to the development of economy and governance. I strongly believe that a course in Political Science and Finance would enable me to contribute in the development of new policies that would help my country to gain sustainability. Eventually, I want to emulate Lawrence by being a leader for change and development in a country that had seemingly lost hope on peace.

 List Your “I Believe” Statement

I believe that good leadership is a fundamental tool that serves to improve governance and the living standards of people.  Leadership is not only about a specific designation but guiding, inspiring, and enabling people to reach their full potential. Leaders play crucial roles amid the ever-changing and dynamic world setting. I strongly believe that excellent leadership translates to an economically stable, happy, and peaceful society.

Discuss Your Research Topic and Your Opinion on It and How That Ties Into Your Belief

My aspiration to serve as a leader emanates from the character of Lawrence. Written by David Lean, the Lawrence of Arabia film tells the story of a young, courageous man who led the Arab tribe to defeat the Turks and force them out, Arabia. Lawrence played a huge role in the World War I and the period of rebellion against the Ottoman Empire (Lawrence et al. 1). Lawrence is best known for his skillful tact and approaches that would positively influence a nation to win military wars. One of Lawrence’s most memorable achievements was when he led the Arabs to skillfully win the war against the Turks (Lawrence et al. 2). The Turk’s were popularly known for having the most powerful armies that were equipped with the best modern weapons. Additionally, the Turks were endowed with erudite personnel who had honed engineering skills. It was thereby a piece of cake for them to conquer the Arabs who had no war-based resources, such as modern weapons (Walker 4). However, the Arabs were eventually able to beat their opponent with the help of Captain Lawrence.

Lawrence contributed immensely to the process of strengthening the Arab military group by generously using his wealth to sustain the Arabian troops (Lawrence et al. 2). Lawrence was a true leader who believed in his Arab military team. As a leader, he sought to make his vision a reality by willingly providing the Arab military with the necessary funds required for sustenance and stability. Through his generosity, he motivated his team thereby building its commitment and determination towards outperforming the Turks who were their main opponents. Captain Lawrence invented effective techniques and approaches for the Arab military to adopt when going into battle with the Turks. He developed key strategies by utilizing the information that he amassed from studying the different tribes and leadership skills of the Arabs.

Lawrence had to comply with the Arab leadership to capture the attention of the Arab military. Moreover, he respected the laws and culture of the Arab Communities thus displaying a sense of humility (Walker 14). Lawrence also encouraged other people to take certain leadership positions to motivate the Arab military. As a leader, he displayed a sense of humility by allowing other Arab citizens to perform key tasks in to evade too much recognition from the community. By designating different tasks to the most suitable people, Lawrence guided the Arab military team to win against the Turks. This marked the beginning of Arab’s reign against their opponents. From Captain Lawrence’s leadership tenure, I have learned that a leader ought to translate his/her vision to his team, motivate, inspire, and designate specific tasks to the team members. Furthermore, he or she ought to encourage his/her team to attain the set goals and objectives. Through this, the team members gain the determination and the drive needed to accomplish the specific tasks and obligations.

III. Describe the Event/Events that Lead You to Your Belief. Give as much Detail as Possible. Use Figurative Language.

My belief in good leadership is founded on Lawrence’s leadership style that he displayed when he invented the guerilla welfare theory. The guerilla warfare is a unique form of war whereby a nation wins a battle without physically engaging its opponents (Guevara et al. 3). Guerrilla operations have led most nations to resist foreign invasion and decolonization by other nations successfully. Additionally, guerilla warfare has helped nations to attain political and socioeconomic concessions from incumbent regimes and in the creation of new political entities by overthrowing unpopular governments (Guevara et al. 7).

Iii. Discuss the Impact of the Event/Events and How this Has Shaped You and what You Believe.

Captain Lawrence’s leadership enabled the Arab military to defeat the Turks who were better equipped with modern weapons and powerful army than it was. From this event, I have learned that leadership is not only about a position but also it is the process of translating one’s vision to others. Lawrence enabled the Arab military members to adopt new approaches and skills that allowed them to beat their major military opponents out. Therefore, I believe that it is eminently important for leaders to serve and inspire people to attain the set goals even if they seem to be unachievable.


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