Sample Admission Essay for Masters of Science in Information Systems at Utah University

I am writing to apply for the MSIS program offered by Utah University in Utah. My goal is to familiarize myself with emerging trends and apply them in analyzing investment decisions. I want to take a company’s data and utilize it to help the management to make better decisions. Since I am also good at collecting data, as well as conducting research, this program is the best fit for me. I chose MSIS because it encompasses the skills I am proficient in. After attaining my degree, I look forward to working as a data analyst, and I believe that this program would be of great help in pursuing this career path.

Having prior working experience is an added advantage for me. For example, I am currently working as an HR director in one company and as a PR specialist in another. This experience allows me to have a broader perspective on the world. Moreover, I have been analyzing companies’ growth and their data for over seven years. During this period, I gained an unmatched interest in becoming a corporate data analyst. I have learned the art of evaluating and analyzing various trading instruments to determine future trends. With the right theoretical and practical knowledge, I can assist investors in making the right buying and selling decisions. Undoubtedly, when analyzing stocks of a particular company, an analyst requires real-time information about liquidity, profitability, growth trajectory, and efficiency. Having an accurate measure of each of these parameters requires someone with analytical skills beyond the fundamental knowledge that I have at the moment. Enrolling in the MSIS program will provide me with unique insights into the world of big data, enabling me to make a valuable contribution to the field of information science.

I have chosen Utah as my preferred University since it is a great institution based on previous experience. Having lived in Utah for over ten years, and having completed my undergraduate program there, I love everything about the area. David Eccles School of Business offers an education with a practical touch. The course work is specially designed and industry-driven to provide students with hands-on experience. While pursuing my undergraduate program, I actively participated in University activities, which prepared me for leadership roles in arguably the fastest-growing sector. What inspired me most is the flexible nature of their curriculum, which allows working students to complete their studies regardless of their tight work schedules. Another fantastic fact about the David Eccles School of Business is that most of the tutors are professors with PhDs who have gained sufficient knowledge and have a better understanding of the world. Moreover, the University offers job fairs and internships for students around major technology companies, which I think is an excellent decision to allow students to gain hands-on experience.

I will succeed in the MSIS program since I believe that technology is the only tool that provides human beings with the greatest precision and consistency at a minimal cost. Since I am a highly data-driven individual who is willing to acquire technical knowledge by combining my stock analysis skills with technology, I am the best candidate for the MSIS program. After successful completion of this program, I aspire to apply the skills learned to provide solutions to companies and individual investors and add value to their investments. I searched through each semester’s courses for Utah’s Masters of Science in information systems and suddenly felt connected to this program. I have compared the program with other universities, but I found Utah’s MSIS to be more compatible and suitable for me. After taking my dreams, aspirations, and career goals into account, I am convinced that MSIS is the right program for me. The geographical proximity also favors me as I have been around for long enough. Having lived in Utah for over ten years, I am conversant with the area and the people around, which is a plus for me in terms of welfare.

I am highly optimistic that I will be granted an opportunity to pursue my dream course. I am hopeful that after the successful completion of the MSIS program, I will become a professional with a statistical and mathematical mindset. I am also confident that with this Master’s Degree, I will become be a more useful person in the world of business and society at large. Having a master’s in Information science will the greatest milestone in my life and the most fulfilling achievement.