Rhetorical Analysis Essay Outline

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Outline

Knowing how to write a rhetorical analysis essay outline is the best way to organize your thoughts and ideas in proper format for a good paper. A well written outline will offer you a better plan on how to craft the various sections of your rhetorical essay paper. In fact, writing an outline enables you to set the pace and tone of the essay while also putting things in proper order.

A good rhetorical analysis essay outline will make the task of writing your paper quite easy and fast since it contains the basic points to be discussed. An outline is a framework of how you intend to present the essay from start to conclusion. This implies it should show all the ideas that you are planning to share in the paper, according to how they will be presented.

Although the definition of a rhetorical analysis essay sets it on a different plane with other types of essays or academic papers, the writing formats are almost similar. Therefore, the skills on how to write a rhetorical analysis essay outline can as well be applied in other papers.

Writing an outline for a rhetorical analysis essay requires careful thought, reasoning, contrast and comparison of ideas. By being able to deliver a good one, you can significantly enhance your writing and general communication skills.

Tips on how to write a rhetorical analysis essay outline

At the time of writing a rhetorical analysis essay outline, you must have done thorough research on the topic and identified various ideas to use in analyzing the given piece. However, there are a few pointers that you should take note of in order to deliver a unique and well organized outline for the paper.

One of the most important things to note when writing an outline for a rhetorical analysis essay is that the paper is not a summary, instead should explore and give a detailed account of the various elements of rhetoric used in the piece being analyzed. This means that your outline should highlight all the aspects without being too brief.

The points presented in the outline are the ones that will be discussed in the essay paper, thus, you have to carefully go through each of them to ensure that they will effectively serve the intended purpose.

Refine your thesis statement to reflect the specific claim that you intend to explain in the essay. Remember it is the thesis that will guide you on the points to include in the outline.

Some of the key elements to look into include the speaker, occasion, audience and purpose. Besides, you should also consider the topic or subject of the essay. It is also important that you look into the tone of the ideas that you plan to discuss.

Before writing an outline for a rhetorical analysis essay, it is also advisable that you re-examine the appeals of the paper. These include the ethos, pathos and logos.

You should also clearly define the style details that could make your paper to look and sound unique. These include elements like imagery, diction, syntax, and tone among others.

Another point that you need to consider is clarity. In order to avoid problems when writing the essay, it is advisable that you use simple language for easy reference. In the case whereby you are unable to use catch phrases, write full sentences or statements.

When choosing the points to list in the outline, try to always go for strong points that can make your argument more compelling. In case there is something that you are not sure of, it is important that you research on it to acquire sufficient information.

Since you will be required to give references to your sources in the essay, always make sure that all your sources are credible. It is recommended that you do away with information that does not have a reliable source since such would make readers to doubt your facts, and even end up spoiling the entire paper.

It should also be noted that an outline is not an actual essay but a simple plan. This implies you should simply list your points precisely without giving too much details. However, the outline must reflect the actual points or ideas that will be discussed in the final paper.

The best way to write a rhetorical analysis essay paper is through chronological order. Thus, your outline should also be crafted in a similar order for the best results.

Procedures on how to write a rhetorical analysis essay outline

After making sure that all your points are in order, you can now proceed to writing the rhetorical analysis essay Proofreading-Editingoutline. The steps outlined below will guide you on how to craft a good outline for a rhetorical analysis essay.


The introduction to a rhetorical essay should give general information or summary about the subject being analyzed so readers can know what to expect in the discussion. In the outline, list the key points that will be used in telling readers about the topic.

It is also advisable that you clearly write your thesis the way it will be put in the essay. In the thesis, you should also hint how the argument will be supported in the paper.

In the introduction, you should also list the SOAPS for your analysis, just so you don’t forget when writing.


The outline should show how every paragraph in the essay will be presented with regards to content and order.

The best way to organize the body paragraphs for your essay is through separating them into sections that highlight the ethos, pathos and logos. This will help in bringing out the rhetorical appeal of your paper.

Under the logos section, list at least one claim and highlight how it will be evaluated in relation to the subject of analysis.

For ethos, show how you will analyze how the speaker or writer has applied his or her position to enhance credibility.

In the case of pathos, you can simply list the details that may change the perception of readers or viewers on the subject of analysis.

In order to give the paper more weight, it is advisable that you list more than two evidences or quotes to help in explaining your appeals.

It is also advisable that you write a short statement indicating how you will wrap up the discussion by highlighting the consequences and impacts of the appeals.


The main aspects of a conclusion are restatement of the thesis and main ideas and giving directions to further research if necessary. Simply write a short statement indicating how you will re-phrase the thesis in the final part of the paper.

You should also list the key points of the paper that will be briefly illustrated in the conclusion to remind readers of the discussion. On the other hand, you can also simply write a short sentence to show how you will summarize the points discussed in the paper.

In case there is need for further studies on the subject, you should also indicate in the outline, how you will present it in the essay.

Examples of rhetorical analysis essay outline

It is also recommended that you read rhetorical analysis essay outline samples in order to easily find out how a good one should be crafted. The following are some examples to inspire you in writing.

Example 1

Sample Outline for a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

  1. Introduction: Background and Thesis
  2. Background Information

Information about the work

  • Title, author, publication info
  • Statement of the author’s topic and argument
  1. Thesis Statement
  • Main reaction to the writer’s argument (Evaluation)
  • Support with specific, analytical reasons (Appeals)
  1. Body: Analysis, Interpretation and Evaluation
  2. Main Point 1: Use of Logos in source …

(Read the whole outline on this link.

Example 2       

Detailed sample Rhetorical Analysis essay Outline


  • Introduce an article from the New York Times entitled, ‘’Is This the Nastiest Election Ever?’’ authored by Peter Manseau
  • Purpose: To persuade the audience that this election is no worse in terms of ‘’dirty campaigning’’ than any other election in history.
  • Audience: Readers of the New York Times, specifically Americans interested in the upcoming election.
  • Context: Several weeks from the election
  • Thesis: Pater Manseau of New York Times uses rhetorical strategies like ethos and logos


  • Logos…

Find the entire sample here.

Example 3

Sample outline for a rhetorical analysis essay; The Use of Appeals in King’s ‘’Letter from Birmingham Jail’’

Thesis Statement: Although one might think that Martin Luther King Jr., would perceive the clergy men who wrote ‘’A Call for Unity’’ a hostile audience, he wisely answers them as if they were, not ardent segregationists, but a wavering audience not aware of the entire argument.

  1. Ethos: A strong ethical is mounted establishing credibility
  2. Many outside Authorities…

Follow this link  to read the whole sample.

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