Research proposal on Importance of internet to college students’

Importance of internet to college students’ research proposal

Today, internet is a tool that is used by virtual everybody in the world today. As such, this research proposal is aimed at finding the best reasons why college students should utilize internet in order to excel in their studies. Furthermore, the research would also look at the impact of social networking sites like facebook and twitter have contributed towards acquisition of knowledge by college students. Therefore, this research is of importance because internet access and usage is significantly used by tutors and students in most schools, colleges or universities today.

The research will summarize books, articles and internet sources in order to gather adequate information needed for this research proposal. Some of the main benefits of internet to college students include. Research, communication, online education, entertainment, looking for jobs and news among others are some of the reasons why the internet is important to college students. Through the internet, students in colleges are able to do research work concerning assignments given or things not understood in class (Rahmawaty, “Advantages and disadvantages of internet as learning media”). They are able to do in-depth research in order to gather information needed by looking for topics of interest via the internet. Similarly, the tutors also use the internet to research on topics before and after lecturing. In relation to communication, students are able to exchange information using various avenues such as video conferencing, chatting, internet telephony and e-mail among others. Students are also capable of getting different types of entertainment through the internet. They can play games, listen to music or watch movies as a way of getting themselves entertained. Students can also get informed on the latest news happening around the world. They can also use this avenue to look for jobs that matches their career paths.

With the ever changing technology, this research will focus in providing an in-depth analysis based on information found from internet sources, books and data from business professionals

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