Research Proposal

Research proposal is a document that a researcher writes to seek approval to carry out research or request budget for the research from an institution. When writing a research proposal, use future tense to explain why you want to conduct the research and how important it is. You have to state the research problem and explain method you will use for data collection. For you to get approval or research budget, you have to write a research proposal of standard quality.

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Research proposal

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When writing a research proposal, make sure your paper explains what you will do, how you will do it and where. It is also important to explain the benefit of your research.

There are two types of research proposals: external and internal proposals. Other categories are as academic and commercial research proposals.An internal research proposal is the one that a researcher writes to the management stating the research problem and outlining the research process. The researcher also explains the importance of the research. External research proposal has two divisions: solicited and unsolicited research proposal. A researcher writes a solicited proposal in response the request for proposals therefore it is likely to face competition.

An unsolicited proposal gives the suggestions of the researcher for a research that he might conduct. Unlike solicited, unsolicited proposal does not face competition. Academic research proposal is the one a student writes at school asking permission to conduct research to support his/her candidature. On the other hand, a commercial research proposal is business oriented.