Research Paper on International Relations

International Relations

International relations refers to interaction with other nations. This interrelation has benefited the countries involved in many ways. For instance, interrelations have created a higher level of gender equality in different parts of the world. Women and men have equal rights and opportunities for any kind of developments, be it social, economical or political developments. In today’s world, there are men and women who head states, govern judicial systems, run great business ventures, and even become religious leaders among other responsibilities.

            During the last century, women’s lives have changed in so many ways, socially, politically, and even economically and the biggest part of the change is for the better. In the early years, women were not allowed to leave their homes since their only responsibilities where the household chores, and they were also not supposed to undertake any responsibilities entitled to the men.

            After the German women were legalized to vote, the republic also ensured that women in the country were given access to education and a number of women during that time benefited from advances in education and paid employments. During that time the number of women in the universities was up to 20%, and after the first world war the number of women in the German universities rose to 35% (Albanese, 2006, p. 29). With this privilege, women were able to get quality education just like the men and also get well paying jobs. This therefore meant that the woman had more responsibility of being a mother, that is if she  voluntarily accepts to get married, and also her profession.  Fathers at this time had left the responsibility of educating children and supplying the home with food and other necessities to the German woman. It has been therefore very tough toward the German women.

            However, most women during this tough time decided to practice prostitution with middle class workers, for them to be able to cater for all the required needs at their homes. The women prostitutes were desirous for fineries and luxuries, provide for their families, more than what their salaries could afford them and that is the reason why they engaged in to prostitution (Harris, 2010, p. 81). The society, therefore came up with reforming homes or rehabs, for the prostitutes, and try and change their lifestyle. The homes were opposite to what was anticipated by them. The girls and women in these homes were mistreated and punished for small mistakes they did. Other inhabitants were locked in cellars in the dark for a long period of time and they could be denied food (Harris, 2010, p. 92).

            Gender sensitivity was becoming a reality and actually, made policies for the men who decided to make other women pregnant and leave them without caring about the child support. However, there were policies put into law, for unmarried men to pay a ‘bachelor tax’. These policies were perhaps meant to make men marry and also for those who had left their families to go back to their families. The main intentions of these policies were meant to ensure that national income is well redistributed to families with many children (Albanese, 2006, p. 54). The policy of ensuring that men were married and have children was induced in many ways. Married couples were eligible for loans, and they would be paid after the wedding, unless the couple get a child and 10% of the loan would be cancelled, and if they get another child, 20% would be cancelled (Albanese, 2006, p. 55). This proved that both parents were responsible for their child’s upkeep, education and welfare.

            The women in Germany have seen a great change in gender equality and interrelation among other countries. In these past years, women were excluded from all responsibilities apart from the responsibilities of a mother and of a spouse and other domestic tasks. Women in the ancient Germany did not have the rights to education or political activities. However, after the new constitution of 1918/1919, the constitution stipulated that men and women should have the same rights and duties, moreover the same constitution dictated that women were eligible to vote, hold public office and pursue careers (Albanese, 2006, p. 28). And later in the years, the republic introduced Woman Suffrage, which is the right for a woman to vote as well as a stand for a political office. This is when women in that time Germany, began to have a limelight in the political sphere of the country. And in the next elections, the women ensured to turn out in big number to vote for their fellows into political offices so that they can be able to implement the change they wanted as women of that country.

                        Women in the republic of Germany began to be seen as initiators of change both socially and politically in the society. Due to this contribution women had made for their society, there was pressure to increase the number of women at decision making levels, such as in political parties and in parliament, and this was influenced by the formation of different women’s groups, like the Working Group of Social Democratic Women (Huelshoff, 1994, p. 156) which is contrary to the recent years in Germany. This therefore puts a lot of confidence in women in what they have done previously and what they can do in the future for their society or maybe the world.

            Women have not only assisted their societies, but they have gone global into other countries to come together and empower the girl children world wide. The bringing of women’s study, women’s issues, and gender relations in the international relations, and even in government and politics (Rosenfelt, 1998, p. 4), changed women’s lives in lots of parts of the earth. In that, these women’s organization go and hold seminar in different countries, with different government and encourage women to seek for higher levels of education, stretch their helping hand to needy children (for that is their nature), and with this they will make a great contribution to the world, to their society and also to themselves.

            Today the world is benefiting from services rendered by political female leaders such as the current Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, who is arguably one of the most influential female politician in the world. It is therefore very important that all governments empower women in many ways, so that developments can be speeded up and also individual developments due to the competition imposed by women.

            Women empowerment has become brought positive results to many societies of the world. Thanks to women empowerment, women have been able to apply several family planning methods due different factors such their families’ financial status, education, and vocational commitments. This has benefited mostly the developing countries, in that the is control in population, other than causing overpopulation to a country the country yet it has less resources. This will mean the children will be brought up in poor condition, perhaps with poor medical facilities and this depreciates their health conditions as they grow up. However, this would cause a higher mortality rate in these countries. Therefore, the empowering of women in giving birth, according to their financial status is a major positive change to the world.

            Economic developments in the world have been highly contributed by women in different ways. Women have worked together to ensure that they have equal rights and opportunities with their male counterparts such as in academics, businesses, politics and also at home. However, women have actually become more active in economic development in our societies since, after the World War II, a married woman’s labor force participation became more, because the modern woman, has shifted from being a full time homemaker to a role where she is both an earner and a caregiver (Giele, 2004, p. 3). This, however, became a challenge to the men, especially the married men, and had to ensure they contribute a share, if not the largest of the breadwinner just like their wives.

            In the 1970s and 1980s, the German law recognized key measures of equal status in a family, to ensure that the woman is not totally dependent to the man. A number of women would face a tough choice between employment and child rearing, yet the law provided parental leave (Reynolds, 2002, p. 50). During this time the German system was more about promoting marriages, more than child rearing. Incomes, when both parents were employed were lower during this time so that they government could offer non cash benefits for the mothers who are full time homemakers. Women would therefore decide to have a childless career, other than to be traditional homemakers. This therefore leads to a decrease in the population of this country, and available resources were not fully utilized to benefit the society has a whole.

In the past West Germany, the men were believed to be breadwinners, where women and families would largely depended on men’s earnings. During this time, it was believed that a woman was fully responsible for child rearing and would interfere with her career if she started working. However, a communist SED regime had to mobilize women to participate in labor force so that they can provide more support for their families and children (Huelshoff, 1994, p. 150).

Unlike the past years, women did not have the rights to own any kind of property or even run businesses. Women in this world currently are owning much business properties and are fighting all over for them to have equal rights as the men in owning of property and inheritance of property. Many women do not own property bearing their names due to cultural or traditional believes that men should own property such as land and also male children should be the only people who inherit properties from their parents or relatives. This has become a major challenge for the women, to an extent that, when a woman gets married and she owns property, she has to rename the property in her husbands name, as required by their culture. Women, however, are fighting to educate other women on the need to let go cultural practices and believes especially when it comes to property owning. Our societies should also contribute in one way or another, to ensuring such beliefs are eradicated from our society for a civilized community.

Women have proved to the society at large that they are able to accomplish everything a man can or even better than the men. This women’s empowerment initiative, has ensured women that they can stand for anything without being looked down upon by anyone. Women are at liberty to join any careers, and perform any tasks just like the men counterparts. With this, our girl children are likely to be brought up wisely and in a dignified way that they can have their respect as girls in the society and able to accomplish more for the society and the world generally.

The move by many societies and governments of empowering women in many ways, such as educating them, has help development in our respective societies, speed up. Ensuring that the girl child is well educated, will create a great healthy competition between the men and women in our economies. This therefore boosts different sectors of the economy and also reduce the vulnerability to gender violence or domestic violence and also diseases such as HIV. However, empowering of women in many ways has helped different economies experience reduction in poverty rates. Women have taken advantage of how they are empowered and some become great farmers, others venture into businesses, and others become professionals in different fields. This therefore will mean, our society will raise healthier children and also better educated children. Women empowerment is also seen to be a very positive impact to our societies, sine women have been able to learn how to create money for themselves and families, how to stay away from diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and also how they can have better family planning. Prostitution in our societies will reduce by a great margin, since young women who venture into this practice will have better alternatives of getting money in ways that they are not prone to health risks.

            Civilization, however, entails the maintenance of dignity by both the men and women in our society. In many cases, young women tend to be seen to have totally lost their dignity when they engage themselves in prostitution, in the name of getting and extra coin. A number of women in this practice are usually professional single mothers, who have their professional jobs and kids to take care of. Most of these women would argue that they get into this kind of activities, because what they get from their jobs is perhaps not enough to cater for her and her children since the father of her children does not support her financially in the upkeep of the children. Women empowerment, however, has created awareness to women in such situations, where they are able to file cases in courts, seeking for financial support from the fathers of their children. This has lead to minimal cases of divorce and also cases of single mothers engaging in commercial sex activities. Moreover, it will mean that the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother to child, since there other who have children who still suckle, will reduce by a greater margin.

Due to financial empowerment of women, has increased the level of how the women are able to get the available resources and chances in the markets. For instance, women due to this empowerment have been able to have creative ideas that may develop the economy, their social status and als their personal lives. Women when included in innovative pursuits, they are likely to produce much benefit to our economy generally. With this provision to many women in the society, they are able to create employments not only for themselves but also for the society in general. Women empowerment, however, has enabled women to engage in technological trends and activities so that they can develop their economic potential and also create a stiff competition in the businesses operating in the technology sector. For instance, e commerce has become one of the many successful technological operation in the world, in that money is able to be transferred from one person to another. Women can, however, learn the market and consider putting in place money transfer centers in the society to make the process easier for the people of the society. This will create job opportunities for the women and also they will also empower other women into different sectors, to develop themselves and their society.  Women therefore will help their children be successful, especially the girl child, and teach them on how they can be the best for themselves and the society generally. It is therefore necessary for societies to embrace this empowerment of women to speed up developments, and also the society will have better standards of living compared as before.


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