Research Paper on Global Warming

Global Warming

Environmental pollution, more so by greenhouse gases such as ozone gases is the main cause of global warming. One can describe global warming as the release of dangerous or damaging gases or substances to the environment. There are different categories of pollution including water pollution, thermal pollution, air pollution and land pollution.

Initially, pollution started when people were scrambling for the available natural resources. Industries grew uncontrollably and natural resources were used poorly. Air pollutants and wastes were released to the environment carelessly and this led to the current state of global warming. An ecological imbalance is caused by an acute or chronic damage that results from pollution. The current direct impact of pollution, also known as primary damage is the evidence of the damage that is caused by pollution to the natural ecological balance. The indirect damage of pollution is known as secondary damage.

During the 20th century, slogans like ‘Reuse, Reduce and Recycle’ were part of the mounted awareness campaign. Another slogan, ‘Go Green’ emerged during the 21st century as part of the awareness campaigns. This slogan is still in use today. All of them are used in spreading information and agendas of the environmental conservation groups as a way of encouraging people to be conscious about environmental protection while helping in the creation of awareness (Think Quest library, 2000).

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Although there are different categories of pollution, Con-Glom categorizes pollution as thermal, water and air pollution. Both non-toxic and toxic metals are produced as the by-products of different manufacturing processes. Organic gases and compounds such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide are also released. When these gases and compounds are not filtered, they cause waste waters that have toxic chemicals and metals that pollute water bodies around the manufacturing plants. Aquatic plants and animals die due to water pollution which causes chemical poisoning. Thermal pollution occurs when hot water and gases that are used for cooling purposes during manufacturing are released to the surrounding environment causing temperatures’ increase.

Hot water and gases kill aquatic life because when temperature rises in water bodies it reduced oxygen levels. On the other hand, pollution that occurs when ozone gases are released to the environment destroys the ozone layer. When combined with greenhouse gases like CO2, this pollution causes global warming. Acid rain that is caused by SO2 gas that is released by manufacturing plants destroys the soil (Read & Digest, 2013).

Evidently, global warming causes health deterioration. It affects the natural ecological balance as well as food availability. Pollution, more so land pollution affects crop yields when combined with other factors such as acid rain and variation in climatic conditions which reduce crop production. Among the major factors that cause drought is pollution which leads to deforestation.

With time, deforestation lowers rain’s volume. Food is a requirement for any working nation because it is needed to produce energy that keeps people productive. Productive people enhance economic growth in a country. Pollution leads to global economy’s decline because it causes diseases and droughts. Among the diseases that are caused by pollution include cancer which causes deaths and poverty.

Filter system’s installation leads to financial constraint and this can cause a closure of a plant and eventually people will lose jobs. It also requires high initial capital. However, the sacrifice is necessary because global warming affects everybody and therefore it should be fought. Filter system’s installation can be broken down into minor projects as a way of reducing the involved financial constraint. This enables a company to spare jobs and eventually more jobs will be created. Machinery’s modernization can also be involved in the projects. Apart from salvaging old plants, this increases the yields realized over time. Filter system’s installation saves a firm from incurring fines that arise from legal suits.

Filter system’s installation can also act as a form of social responsibility event for the company and this is a great products’ marketing pitch. Slogans like ‘Environmental-friendly means used in the production’, ‘pro-environment’ and anti-global warming’ are all suitable for marketing products because they appeal to most environmentalists and consumers to whom environmental conservation is now part of their lives. Generally, this strategy can boost product sales while attracting financiers and donors who are ready to assist in the filter system’s installation (Conserve Energy future, 2013).

Initially, the installation process can appear costly but with the fact that conserving the environment is currently a lifestyle in mind, installing this system seems highly beneficial to organizations. Failing to install a filter system has global effects. Therefore, reducing global warming becomes the responsibility of every individual. Pollution has caused environmental destruction and it is therefore important to conserve the remains of nature by engaging in appropriate activities.

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