Religious Studies Reflection Paper on Theology

  1. How has your view of theology changed over the duration of this course? (approximately 200 words)

I can firmly assert that my view of theology has changed since I decided to pursue this course. It is clear that my knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other world religions was insufficient. Over the duration of this course, I have learned that theology teaches individuals about the history of Christianity and divinity. For example, I understand the history of humanity and separation from God. Theology studies enable a student to have a firm understanding of the bible and its teachings (Jinkins, 2001). I now understand that an individual needs to be closer to God through faith and good deeds. A person should praise God during times of need and times of plenty. For example, a rich man should attest that his riches come from God. It is common for people to praise and seek guidance from God when they are in trouble. However, an individual should also seek God’s counsel even when they have no problems, whether financial or spiritual. Furthermore, I have been able to understand the sinful nature of humanity and the role the devil in separating mankind from the true God. Many people have sinned against God because of the worship of idols, which is sinful in the eyes of God. I believe that studying theology is a valid means of understanding God and his relationship with human beings. In addition, many people do not know God; they do not understand what it means to be a Christian. I now understand that it is important for human beings to have a personal relationship with God. Studies on theology help a reader to fathom the love of God. From written texts in theology, a student will get historical proof of events that occurred in history that illustrates the love of God to human kind.

  1. How have you been able to practice the principles you learned from the course in your own life?

Theology teaches people to refrain from sinful acts that do not please God (Jinkins, 2001). For example, it is wrong to kill a fellow human being. However, in the current world, people continue to live in wicked ways without the fear of God’s wrath. I have learned that it is important to practice safe living practices, such as helping one another and giving to the poor. Since I started to study theology, I have changed my ways to those that appease God. I believe that the body is the temple of the Lord and it should be kept pure and free from sin. I was not a religious person before I started to study theology, but now I make a point to pray every morning when I wake up. During my prayers, I pray that God should protect me from evil and premature death. Also, I also remember my family members in my prayers. Furthermore, I pray that God should help our current leaders to make informed decisions that will benefit everyone in the country. Also, I ensure that I give 10% of my earnings to the church so that the church can continue God’s work. Theology teaches students that where different people meet for the purpose of worship the living God, they will feel the presence of God. I will ensure that I surround myself with people whom we share a common religious belief. Furthermore, I will accept to be corrected when I make mistakes. I believe that engaging in communal activities with other individuals is a good way to foster good relationships. I always take part in communal activities, such as visiting the sick in hospital as a show of positivity and support.

  1. How will you pass on the information you have learned in this course to those within your circle of influence?

Theology encourages students to spread the word of God to other people. As a theology student, an individual should set a good example for others to follow. The first step is to share the knowledge of God and his teachings from the bible to my friends. I understand that it will not be an easy task because I have atheist friends who do not believe in the counsel of God. However, I will inform my friends about the love of God and his never-ending mercy. I will give an example of God’s love by discussing Jesus and his mission on Earth. The Bible informs us that Jesus was the son of God and he was sent by God to save the people from impending doom. The goal of Jesus was to shed blood on the cross to redeem human beings and bring them closer to God. Furthermore, I will use my social media accounts to spread the word of God because it provides a larger platform for people to get the message. I will inform those within my circle of influence, for example, my friends and family about God’s promise of everlasting life to those that obey his word. I will also inform them about the destruction that will befall those who do not heed to the word of God. Also, I will form bible study groups and invite people to join. The purpose of the group will be to teach people about the bible. Reading the bible with other individuals is an effective way to understand the bible because people can ask questions when they do not understand some bible verses.





Jinkins, M. (2001). Invitation to theology. Downers Grove, Ill: InterVarsity Press.