Religious Studies Paper on The Bible Patriarchs

The Bible Patriarchs

In the holy book, Bible there are recordings kept intact to provide history and facts that eliminates human doubts if our old fore fathers ever lived longer than 900 years. The histories are found in the book of Genesis in between chapters 5 to 25 :7. In the bible, after our first father sinning human life span was to reduce drastically. The bible clearly states that after Adam and Eve sinning man would die and return unto dust. A close look at bible facts we get that, during Adam’s time to floods time of Noah patriarchs were able to leave for about thousand years. However, since then there has been progressive decrease in life span and even in the time of Abraham he managed reach the mark of 175 years.

Currently the expected maximum average age in life is 120 years. Nonetheless, the 120 marks is not an assurance for everyone in the face of the world. There are a number of factors today that contributes to reduced life span. For example, there are life issues related to aging, genes issues and genetic changes. For the case, of biological issues it can be related to the less number of nutrients in meals the human take. Additionally, there is reduced cell division associated to disease infections.

On another point, there is genetic changes which results from either poor or good communications within the DNA composition. It could be true that in the past times of our patriarchs, there was better communication within the DNA and when they passed the gene it was inherited. However, in the course of inheritance there was communication brake down leading to genetic mutations. This is what has led to reduced life span with mutating life cell.