Religious Studies Paper on Significance of Jesus Christ

Significance of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is a significant person since he is mentioned in history in songs, periodicals and different forms of literature. Time is still measured by his birth as noted in Latin abbreviation A.D meaning anno Domini, the year of the Lord. The reason Jesus is significant in the lives of believers is because he is greater than time and history. Furthermore, the scriptures describe him as being God in flesh, who was before the time of creation. Moreover, He was described as the image of God and became the mediator between God and all humanity according to the Gospel scriptures. The savior was also mentioned in other scriptures as the Son of David to show that he was the designated Messiah and was a king.

God’s only child, Jesus, suffered under Pontius Pilate and was crucified on a cross without any wrongdoing. His death was necessary since it signified sins being forgiven and He was hung on the cross, between heaven and earth symbolizing that he was from both heaven and earth. The cross acted as the point between darkness and the new life after death for Christians.

Jesus Christ is significant as the scriptures in John 10; 9 refer to Him as, “the Way, the truth, and the life.” (Barbour Publishing, 2013) This means that accepting Christ is the only way that humanity can access God the Father. Jesus Christ sacrificed his own life to save humanity showing that he acted as a sacrificial lamb for the sins of the world. Jesus was able to do a number of miracles hat helped people who were in need showing that he had power from His Father, God. In conclusion, through Jesus Christ’s Life and death, Christians are forgiven their sins and can access eternal life after death.




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