Reflection Paper on Early Childhood Education

Reflection Paper on Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is significant for children below the age of seven/eight. The sooner and more effective children start developing, the greater adaptability to the fast changing world they may have. I want to work in the field of early childhood education as it allows cultivating a child’s interest in the environment, thirst for knowledge, and independent problem solving skills from the earliest age.

I am willing to help children develop their educational foundation and potential as it can facilitate their transition to elementary school. Additionally, it is important to promote their high self-esteem, sociability, and motivation. Therefore, what I can bring to the field is my skills and knowledge that may enable children’s desire to inquire more and stay informed and may provide equal development opportunities for each of them. For that, I seek guidance from successful and experienced educators, counseling and guidance services, and respectful professional organizations.

In my professional practice, I follow the principles of development and communication theories and pay special attention to children’s cognitive, social, physical, and emotional needs. I strive for optimizing their individual growth and interactive relationships combining early childhood pedagogy with care.. Correspondingly, my primary role model is a pioneer of early childhood and individualized education Maria Montessori.

My future goals are to educate and care for young children to the best of my knowledge, to enhance their social development, and to provide solutions to their challenges in learning. As a teacher, I plan to grow professionally by attending various trainings and  conferences as well as by finding a mentor. Consequently, I might be able to create a positive environment for children and to help build close relationship and committed interaction between children and families.

Early childhood education is a vital stage in the development of children as it determines their future learning. A professional educator should be competent and capable of creating a proper environment. Moreover, a teacher should effectively contribute to the lives of children and their parents.