Reasons to Believe Advertisement by Coca Cola Sample Essay

Reasons to Believe Advertisement by Coca Cola

Coca Cola is a leading beverage and soft drink multinational company that operates in more than 200 countries across the world. The organization is renowned for its resilience in advertisements that are usually aired on TV. On 5th January, 2014, Coca Cola launched its latest advert called, ‘Reasons to Believe.’ It has used this advert to urge its customers to believe in a better world. The advert is timed 60 seconds and incorporates a children’s choir singing a modified version of the song titled, ‘You Got the Love.’ The advert jumps to short scenes of negative things that occur in the world after the scene of the children’s choir. These short negatively themed clips are counteracted with other positive things. The key message of this advert is telling the masses that better things can be achieved (Faull).

The company is trying to attain its tradition of being among the few organizations that use their products for the promotion of positivity in society. The advert has not been created with the aim of growing sales and revenues, instead, to have a positive impact in society. The advertisement is trying to convince the people that they can easily make positive impacts in society by doing simply things day by day. This is enhanced by the way in which it incorporates bad things that occur in society and how simple deeds can effectively prevent these things from taking place.

The advert has involved both persuasive and informative aspects of communication. This can be due to the fact that the paper is persuasive in the sense that it highlights the importance of people taking parts in activities that could benefit the society at large. This has been accomplished through appealing to the emotions of the viewers. Coca Cola has used this advert in making sure that people who view it are emotionally engaged on different topics that are relevant to the masses. The title of the organization is also naturally persuasive because it highlights the importance of remaining optimistic and positive despite the various negative things that are affecting the society in different measures.

It can also be said that the advert is informative in that it passes information to people of different spheres in life that are experienced in their daily lives even though they may be oblivious to some. Coca Cola has used logic in order to convince the people that they should be optimistic and change their attitudes in order to make the world a better place. The fact that the company has highlighted various factors that have been noted as challenging to many people across the world has played a crucial role in ensuring that the masses are informed on the afflictions of people across the globe. The advert has also used informative insights on how people can change the lives of others and make them have positive experiences in their daily activities.

The company has also integrated both traditional communication channel of TV adverts and the modern channel of online communication methods like social networking and advert streaming. Coca Cola has created a Twitter account with the hashtag #Reasons to believe and a Facebook account with the same name. This is an indication that the company is trying to reach out to both the traditional and contemporary viewers. The linking of communication channels plays a major role in ensuring that the company is able to reach out to millions of people on the global market.

One of the lessons that can be learnt from this scenario is that organizations should not create advertisements or marketing media that is solely dedicated to the promotion of their sales and profit margins. The advert has shown that companies can also use their corporate social responsibility by appealing to the customers to make positive changes and shun activities that could cause harm to the society. However, the company could have highlighted some of the elements that make Coca Cola play a role in making the world a better place. The advert could have showed some of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities in order to promote the involvement of its target population towards making the world a better place.



Scenes of the actual lives of the people as portrayed in the advert. This enables people to identify with the brand.


Problems with the sustainability campaign, in relevance to the aspects of cost and message.


The firm can incorporate a corporate social responsibility model in the advertisement plan to assist in the exploitation of the linkages of the community with the brand. Another opportunity is the availability of various options in real community life for the company to develop campaigns for enhancing the brand.


Diversification requires that the company invests in other beverage areas apart from the main soft drink division that it is specializing on.

Press Release

Google to Acquire Nest Labs, Inc January 13th 2014

This press release was meant for investors who had made investments in Google stocks and potential investors who are considering investing in the organization. The key message of the press release was to announce to the investors that Google was in the process of acquiring Nest Lab, Inc. This move was intended at enhancing creativity and innovation of the company. Google’s and Nest Lab’s CEOs, Larry Page and Tony Fadell have concurred that the acquisition will be effective in making sure that Google comes up with new devices that will make life easier for all who will be using the company’s products. The dissemination of the message in the press release was successful because it was straightforward and much easier for people of different backgrounds to relate to. However, Google should also create links with other channels of communication for people who do not rely so much on the internet for information. The press release has mainly relied on the internet for reaching out to investors (Google Inc).

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