Public Administration Assignment Paper on Public Policy Process

Public Policy Process

The public policy process refers to a definite and proper method of action selected by a government or an institution to achieve certain objectives (Knoepfel at el, 2011). The public process is administered inform of rules, laws, and regulations pertaining to a given issue. Additionally, the process can be either on health, education, or poverty issues in a given state or country. A public policy process is always a comprehensive and continuous and has to be divided into different parts.  Nonetheless, the policy process must always abide by the general process of communication, policy circle, identification of problems, and policy formation, adoption, implementation, and conclusion (Knoepfel at el, 2011). All these steps provide smooth a process of putting the policy in operation. For instance,theIllinoisHealthSystemchangepublicpolicy is a proper way to analyze public policy process.

Causes of Illinois Health System Change Public Policy.

Over $100 million is spent by the U.S citizens to fund researches on clarity on how health system changes can affect their wellbeing (Blobaum, 2017) . However, none of these reports are taken seriously by citizens. As a result, the center for democracy and technology and the several organizations provides citizens access reports. It is from the reports that the public knows the effect and importance of health system change. Moreover, the citizens understand the role their taxes play in their health issues.

Illinois Health System Change Public Policy

Health System change policy is a policy which tries to check the impact of the public funds raised from the taxpayers towards their health. The main aim of this public policy process is to affirm whether health funds remitted by the taxpayers have direct effect on the taxpayers’ health. Additionally, the policy outlines how efficient and effective the transformation on the lives of the citizens is acclimatized to the health system change. To understand how the health system change works, a nonpartisan center of studying health system conducts health policy research. From the research, the analysis is conducted based on the U.S healthcare. The following changes were made. First, the information on how the taxpayers’ funds was useful was to be provided on their health scheme reports. Secondly, the amount to be remitted by tax payers was scaled depending on citizen’s income, age and their past health records. Lastly all the health bills by the health system is subject to public scrutiny. In conclusion there is a reached transparency and understanding on the tax payers’ funds. This rationale will solve the public outcry and create awareness on health system change is reached through research.

Effects of the Policy

This policy will create awareness among the public and the health decision makers. The public will understand the changes in the health system and feel involved in the health process.  On the side of Illinois Federal State, it will make decisions with a lot of decorum based on the research findings.  Alternatively, the policy would make use of information started by other elites such as Robert woods that are already published, and this would still provide information based on the changing health systems. It would provide information because the information published touches on the critical local, state, and federal information researches.  For the citizens to adhere to the information provided, methods like the use of pressure groups through lobbying for administrative policies and community organizations should be implemented. These two methods will provide the expected outcome as information will reach almost all citizens. Finally, this policy would be used in future for cases addressing issues that are emerging, emergencies, and health problems, because the policy incorporates the need for understanding and proper knowledge of problems at hand.


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