Psychology Sample Essay on Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality

Although all the models contribute to how one understands of sexuality, I agree with Kinsey’s model B the most. Criticisms of Model A show that human beings cannot be categorized into simply bisexual, homosexual, and heterosexual orientations. Model A fails to consider the differences in severity among individuals concerning sexual orientation. It limits human beings to three categories and this does not give room for the asexual individuals. Kinsey’s research addresses these issues in model B. The model gives room for a wide range of options regarding sexual orientation through a fixed continuum. I agree that exclusively heterosexual individuals have little or no appreciation for homosexuality, and vice versa. This is evident through the emergence of activist groups in the debate on gay rights. Exclusive heterosexuals believe that homosexuality should never be allowed because they express the least homosexual tendencies. Model C is just a deeper analysis of Model B since I feel it does not offer any new explanation.

The American culture is more eretophilic than eretophobic. America as a culture celebrates romance and allows individuals to exercise free will regarding their sexuality. America reports the youngest age where teenagers can have their first romantic relationships than most parts of the world. This supportive nature implies that the American culture is erotophilic. The American culture also encourages active sexual lives as is evident through popular culture. Musicians and artists celebrate this through their works, which celebrate sexuality explicitly. The culture is also permissive regarding sex, since couples are able to touch, caress, and even kiss in public. Thus, sex is regarded as a relational and recreational activity in the US culture, making America more erotophilic than erotophobic.