Psychology Sample Essay on Course Reflection

Course Reflection

Psychology deals with human beings behavioral aspects in relation to their mental and emotional activities. It suggests that any action taken by human being is usually triggered to respond to a mental stimulus. This course gives a scholar the insights that are involved in solving personality problems in relation to the environment. The mind has a great control over human beings as elaborated in the four functions of consciousness. Individuals will believe in existence of something without having any knowledge or prove. This is due to the mental activity that manipulates the body to concur with that ideology based on the four functions of consciousness. The most interesting part is that a person cannot acquire conscious through education but it is an intrinsic human characteristic. That is why people behave differently from each other based on trait personality theories.

Similarly, the integration between a person and the environment shapes the individual’s character. The environment may change a person’s traits and adapt new character traits as stipulated pin behavioral traits. The other personality theory involves psychodynamic theory that was influenced by Sigmund Freud. It explains the recurrence of personal experiences during the unconscious form, especially in dreams. This state brings a reflection of what an individual wishes for, urges, demands and sometimes conflicts. This course also teaches a person about self-esteem, confidence and understanding personal value. Personal value removes the feeling of rejection, humiliation and fear of unknown. Similarly, learning psychology greatly influences understanding other people’s behavior. Understanding each other promotes coexistence and accommodating one another. Additionally, anxiety is a very common human trait that psychology teaches people on how to control and handle anxiety. Therefore, this course is instrumental in developing an individual and balancing the functions of a human being