Psychology Sample Essay on Behavioral Aspect of Personality

Behavioral Aspect of Personality

Behavior is a co-factor in human life relating to issues to do with different people’s personality. Behavior is used in many cases to determine personalities of different people in a society. In students’ scenario test conducted, it is clearly observed that certain people, places and time all play a vital role in determining personal behavior. This behavior changes determine peoples’ personality. While students relate with smoking ones, the unknowingly find themselves joining their fellow students. According to studies by many psychologists, a person’s behavior is a wide perception relating to environment and society they are living in. Personal traits are constant over certain durations and change with time or after a given period. For instance, common traits that are identified to culture are prone to change after a specific duration of time. In addition, some behavior can be identified to be collective to a certain group of people (Friedman and Schustack 135). For a study of smoking students conducted in school with smoking students revealed that, how they started to smoke, is connected to their colleagues’ attitude towards cigarettes. After a specific period, traits may change due to lapse of time or becoming out dated. Smoking behavior observed from students changes with time when they realize the dangers related to cigarettes. Influence from other people might also affect how individuals conduct themselves. Peer influence may change a person’s trait hence his or her personalities (Friedman and Schustack 157). For instance, if a large group of students smokes, it would affect even the nonsmoking and they might find themselves using cigarettes.

Some behaviors can be reinforced while others are punished; psychologists found out that the establishment and extinction of responses can be determined by the way reinforces, or rewards, are being awarded. This is observed in training of the mentally retarded individuals and in case of obsessive behaviors, and drugs abuses like smoking. Some behaviors like stealing, indiscipline could be shaped through punishing the responsible individuals (Friedman and Schustack 180).

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