Psychology Paper on Social Class Differences in Food Consumption

  1. What research method (e.g., experimental, quasi-experimental, correlational, controlled observation, survey, field research, or archival) is being used for drawing conclusions in this article?

This study employs the survey research design, which is selected to fill the knowledge gap of the previous studies that mostly used the qualitative study design and concluded that, there is a social class difference in food consumption. This chosen survey design enables the collection of quantitative data and allows the findings on the class differences in making food choices by mothers to be generalized to a larger population in three different cities.

  1. What kind of data (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, both) were used to draw conclusions in the article? Provide an example.

This article used quantitative data to draw findings.  For instance, correlation analysis, which uses quantitative methods, was used to analyze the class differences in food consumption. The correlation between health considerations and permissiveness was statistically significant with (r=0.17 and p<0.01) which indicates that the women who consider health for their food choices are more likely to control the food preferences of their families (Hupkens, Knibbe, & Drop, 2000).

  1. In 1-2 sentences, state the main argument or finding of the article.

This study points out a class difference on the degree to which mothers consider costs, health, and permissiveness of food preferences when making food consumption choices. The middle-class mothers often take into account the health aspect of food when making their food choices, while the lower class mothers often take into consideration the cost and food preferences of their families.

  1. In 1-2 sentences, explain how this article changes your thinking on the topic.

This article allows one to reflect on the factors considered when classifying people in various social classes and their influences on dietary choices.

  1. In 1-2 sentences, explain what you understand better now that you have read this article.

This article sheds light on why people eat what they eat and explains that food consumption choices are influenced by various factors including health, costs and food preferences.  Income is a determinant factor in food choices as healthier diets are more costly and preferred by higher social classes.




Hupkens, S. L., Knibbe, R. A., & Drop, M. J. (2000). Social class differences in food consumption:The explanatory value of permissiveness and health and cost considerations. European Journal of Public Health, 10(2), 108-113.