Psychology Assignment Paper on Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Gender equality refers to measures and approaches aimed at achieving equitable representations between men and women. Thus, gender equality does not assert if either males or females are greater than the other. More so, it neither asserts nor affirms if male and female are equal. Instead, gender equality aims at ensuring women and men are provided with equal opportunities, values, treatments, principles and guidelines to undertake similar responsibilities, tasks, and roles in the society.

Gender equality is also regarded as a principle, decision, and policy formulated and implemented to change views, perceptions, and beliefs in relation to women being inferior to their male counterparts. This is based on the multiple issues facing women in modern societies in comparison to the few challenges affecting men. Women have to strive in order to undertake actions aimed at either modifying or rectifying behaviors, attitudes, and relations favoring men.

In order to enhance gender equality and improve my personal beliefs as well as lives among global women, various interpersonal, individual, and societal aspects ought to be addressed. It is therefore crucial for women to change their behavioral relations and attitudes. For a long period of time, women have always felt inferior to their male counterparts. As a result, their individual and interpersonal skills have been reduced to measures aimed at promoting their male counterparts.

In order to make a difference, women ought to undertake the following measures. Foremost, it is important to improve the quality of lives women lead. This further translates to both reduction and elimination of poverty among global communities. Secondly, girls and women should not be discriminated against. Thus, violence, abuse, economic discrimination, harmful traditional beliefs, and practices as well as reproductive health inequalities should be eliminated. They play a key role towards the declination of gender equality among men and women. Thus, women need education, exposure, understanding, and equitable platforms to discuss various issues affecting their qualities of life. Consequently, they need an understanding that women leaders and followers will strive towards achieving gender equality.