Precious: Victim Rights Essay Sample

Precious: Victim Rights

Precious is a movie made from contentious material and it features well-organized images with mind blogging performances. It is intended for people who can deal with the picture as well as statements that habitually exit in a rape setting. The account rotates on uninformed young girl who is raped by her father and bears kids. The plot of the movie is about her change outside her family, put in a captivating practical manner, questionable editing as well as simplified phenomenon. Victim right is the legal right given to the victim of a misconduct. There are sets of laws in each state which demand victims to get hold of certain fortification, restricted role in criminal justice procedure as well as data relying on jurisdiction laws. This article looks at the creditable but always explicit movie in line with the victims’ rights.

Claireece Precious Jones is a 16 year old girl who is uninformed as well as obese, residing in Harlem slums of NYC with her jobless, rude and dysfunctional mother. Mary, her mother has projected her to mental as well as physical abuse following purportedly being raped by her father Carl, as well as impregnates her with two kids. The family relies on benefits for existence. Claireece’s first child Mongo is found with a Down syndrome and her grandmother takes care of her. Her mother in contrast preys on and pushes her daughter Precious to lie that they are living under the same roof, together with Mongo so as to get more funds from the state.

When her second pregnancy begins to crop up, a different school is organized for her by her school leader. At last, Precious can contemplate of a new place away from her day to day distressing life as well as build a graphic world in her subconscious mind where she is cherished and respected. In the end, Precious can read as well as write with the aid of a new tutor, Blu Rain. She regularly meets Ms. Weiss who is a social staff, who learns about the incestuous father of her kids. While delivering her other child, Abdul, she comes across a nurse John McFadden who provides her a willingly effective hand as well as a welcoming environment.

Later, Precious leaves to her parents’ home where her mother beats her and willingly drops down the 3 year old Abdul to the floor. Precious protects herself and eludes with her 3 year old son. On her way to nowhere, she halts at a close by church window to watch choir members sing a Christmas hymn, where she builds another clear picture in her mind and her dream boyfriend singing a fresh form of the song. Very frustrated as well as having no place to go, she stays in her classroom to evade the cold weather. Fortunately, Rain Blu comes to her rescue as well as provides her somewhere to stay for the night as she discovers her host is a lesbian.  In the morning, Ms. Rain looks forward to aid them whereby she advises her that she can go on with learning as she raises her son in a halfway house.

Precious’ mother in the process informs her that her father died of AIDS. Later she learns that she is HIV-positive, but the good thing is that her son Abdul is not infected with the deadly virus. She feels depressed and takes her case file from the office as well as shares her file detail with other learners as well as builds a new plan to life.  Ms. Weiss threatens Mary when she comes across her daughter for the last time. Mary begs Ms. Weiss to aid her get her daughter back, but she refuses as the damage already done is irrevocable. The film ends when Precious has suffered mind transition as well as is focused on enhancing both her life and that of her kids. She cuts connections with her mother and plans to achieve a higher learning status.

State and federal laws suggest rights to victims of wrongdoing together with those who have experienced sexual assault, pain, dejection as well as physical abuse to name but a few other misconducts. Supposing the movie is founded on a true account, Precious is a target of misconduct and her state laws ought to regard remunerating her based on two key rights. Most importantly is the right to be educated. Together with this, the victim has the right to get data on their rights, accessible services and resources, victim remuneration and how to link with criminal injustice officials. Unluckily for Precious, she was uninformed and was not well-acquainted with her rights. If only she understood her rights from the start of her problems, the she might have evaded her second pregnancy as well as possibly avoid contracting AID as the criminal injustice officials would have gone for the right safety measure in protecting her.

Preceding is the right to be considered with dignity, high opinion and kindliness. In line with this, the victim need to be dealt with impartially, with exceptional care as well as with consideration by the state officials. Victim impact account might incorporate an explanation of mental, emotional and physical exposures the victim was projected to coming from the wrongdoing. Mary wreaked pain on her daughter by beating her, a sign of physical abuse, as well as name calling her, a sign of emotional abuse. Her classmates as well shattered her emotionally when they laughed and tormented her for being obese. Carl in contrast rapes his own child, leading to her mental distress. These abuses impacted Precious emotionally, so criminal justice staffs are obligated to permit the victim to tell her account at her own pace as well as minus any bias irrespective of her situations.  By making this impact account, Precious would be gratified with the procedure in criminal justice, however primarily, it would aid her recuperate from distress wreaked by these wrongdoings.

Noticeably, sexual attack can ruin and destroy a victim’s life, as the impact is lifelong. What one treasures in life, for example, education, security, privacy, housing or job can be in danger emanating from criminal assaults. Nurses, security officers as well as counselors and can solitary provide worthwhile support, however not day to day basic needs in life. For example, the hurt that Precious a victim goes through is irrevocable as she can never uphold her virginity back as well as the deadly virus can never be treated. To aid deal with the problem of mental disturbance, Victim Rights Law Centre was built to take care of the demands of sexual attack victims. The center looks forward to safeguard the victim’s private psychological wellbeing, restore the lives of victims after an assault, improve their schooling performance and uphold their medical as well as education accounts. Young girls who fall targets of scary difficulties, for instance Precious are aptly taken care of in these institutions.