Political Science Sample Essay on the Communist Manifesto

The Communist Manifesto


          The German 1883 section focuses on the revision of the manifesto after the death of Marx, in 1883. The manifesto caused development of two classes of exploiters (Bourgeois) and exploited (Proletarian). The proletarian can no longer liberate from their oppressors. Currently, there has been development of struggles as each group fights for dominance.

The English edition preface reviews on the rise of political and social ambitions of the working class in Europe. This occurred after the defeat of Parisian insurrection in 1848 that had brought struggle between bourgeois and proletariat. Later, the European workers gathered strength and sprang up against the bourgeois rule in English. Since the movement was strong, the English society was forced to accept the requests of the movement. This resulted to changes in the manifesto in English to comply with the requests of proletariat movement. Engel states that there were translations of the manifesto into different languages of European countries. However, the American translation failed to be publishedbecause the translator disowned it. Similar to German preface, the English preface faced challenges of oppression and oppressors. The twogroups’ struggles for dominance, but proletarian are unable to emancipate from bourgeois.

In German preface, Engel states that KarlMarx relied heavily on the intellectual ideas of the working class when developing the manifesto. Thus, the history of the communist manifesto was a reflection of the modern working class society. The manifesto societal ideologies had spread across the European region and America affecting millions of workers. Previously, before the establishment of the document, there were only two groups, which were regarded as socialists. These include Fourierists from France and Owentes from England. However, when the people realized of the socialism ideology in the manifesto, the two groups had dwindled. Engle also states that there were quacks in the manifesto socialism that had a goal of eliminating social abuses. The quacks claimed to eradicate abuses in the society without affecting capital and profits negatively. The working class developed a communist movement, which they thought was appropriate in enhancing radical reconstruction of the society besides political revolutions.Although there were few voices during the revolution in France when proletariat were demanding their own, now many workers have joined the International Working Men’s Association. Furthermore, the spirit of the proletarian is still strong among the people.


The article demonstrates that it is the duty of people to fight for their rights as the proletarians and communists did to attain their freedom and rights like other individuals. They had that belief in victory regardless of the time it would take and the opposition will face in the struggle. Was it mandatory that the bourgeois discriminate the proletarians to show their power and superiority economically, socially, and politically?

The people should unite and have a common goal when fighting for their rights. The union should go beyond the country boundaries to form international unions. This is because a bigger union can have strong influence when lobbying for violated rights. For instance, the proletarian union spread across Europe and America regions. The union was able to influence changes that the international community supported and the proletarian oppressors, bourgeois, had to comply with the demands. This spirit of the union will help in fighting for the denied and violated rights. In modern society, social movements have helped in eliminating the evils of capitalism brought by bourgeois society.