Political Science Paper on Personal Political Imagery

Political Science Paper on Personal Political Imagery

Joining the army is one of numerous ways that Americans can portray good citizenship. My brother, who joined the U.S. Navy a year ago, has just graduated from the diving school. He is now prepared to serve this country in the army, as it has been his dream.  I know that being in the army is quite risky, but I still encouraged him to persevere, as he is strong enough to cope with any situation as a military officer. Although I am proud of my brother’s achievement and dedication to serving our country, I fear for his life, and as an elder brother, I have to be protective. As a good citizen, I have vowed to continue encouraging my brother to be courageous and remain committed to his career, despite the risks involved while serving in the military force.

Below is a photograph of my brother and my mum, which I took during the graduation in the diving school. I photographed them while in one of the lounges where soldiers were allowed to relax with the visiting family members. We opted to attend the graduation as a family to show our support and congratulate our brother for being courageous and determined in joining the navy. We rarely visited my brother as a family; hence, it was undeniably jubilant for him. Surprisingly, my mum opted to hang the photograph in her room as a reminder of how devoted my brother was towards his country.

The photo was momentous to us as a family because it expressed how compassionate and concerned we were about my brother. Everybody was excited that my brother had graduate to serve the country in the military. We knew the challenges that my brother is likely to encounter, but as dedicated citizens, we had to offer our support through words and being available when he really needed us. My mum wanted to assure my brother of his support, even if she was exceedingly aware that he would be away from us for most of his time. It was an honest expression of respect, responsibility, and unity. Even though we may be courageous in our undertakings, we still need the support of our family members, who are always there when others are gone.

This photograph triggers the memories of how individuals who serve in the army feel when they are far away from their families, serving the country diligently. I have advised my brother on several issues concerning life, but I was incapable of restraining him from pursuing his aspirations. He demonstrated good citizenship by accepting to serve the community as a military officer. As an elder brother, I dreaded that we might lose him in his line of duty. He had a chance to serve the country in other capacities, but being in the army was too much risk, in my opinion. I know about several family friends who lost their sons and daughters in the army, and the pain they have gone through is beyond explanation. However, I had to show him that I was proud of his choice of career, no matter what lay ahead of him.

There is no better way of expressing good citizenship than encouraging others to work hard in their line of duty. A good citizen does not surrender, as he/she is always willing to cooperate with others for the benefits of the whole community. By passing all the examinations during his training, my brother demonstrated enthusiasm to serve the community in any capacity because he esteems his country. Serving in the Navy is a signal of backing up the cause of liberty, in addition to promoting peace for everyone all over the globe. Being in the army is valuable for every citizen because we need unswerving individuals who can protect us, as well as safeguarding our national borders. However, losing a family member in the battle is extremely painful and regretful.

When my brother agreed to join the US Navy, he became a part of the military force and agreed to adhere to the customs and values of military force. He voluntarily accepted to undertake a responsibility that seemed beyond his capacity, and I am quite sure that he had no slightest idea of how to perfect it. The oath that he took to defend our country’s Constitution is an indication that he loves his country and its people; hence, he is dedicated to protecting the country from its enemies, both locally and internationally. My brother opted to put the interest of our country before his personal interests by choosing a daring career.

I was quite apprehensive for my younger brother’s choice of career, but as a good citizen, I had to encourage him to follow his dream of serving our country. I will always be available to advise my brother in how to serve the country diligently, as every citizen has a responsibility to enhance good citizenship, regardless of his/her position in society. I really respect men in uniform for their daring act in protecting citizens, and this photo reminds me of how individuals put interests of others before their own interests. Despite being in dangerous situations while undertaking their duties, they never give up. It was rational for me to fear for my brother’s safety, but it takes courage, compassion, and respect to the law to become a champion of good citizenship.