Political Science Essays on Rule of law political system

Political Science Essays on Rule of law political system


The law needs to be accessed by every man at all the time. The law is what barred the man from entering the gates without permission. When the man decided to calm down and obey the rules, the doorkeeper offered him a stool to sit. It took days and years before getting in through the doors because it was not yet time. Within the rule of law political system, a person has to do everything without leaving anything undone. For instance, the man had to bribe the doorkeeper to let him in but the law did not enable the doorkeeper to allow anyone in before time. It means that even the democratic citizens, the law-givers and the ruled are all under the law. By taking the money, the doorkeeper justified the act by mentioning that a person has to do everything possible to get what they want.   However, the law became a barrier for the man and him reaching the doorkeeper. As the years went by, the man grew old with his eyes turning deem before dying with one question on the mind. He wonders the ways in which people strive to get the law but over the years nobody has managed to seek it except him. However, the doorkeeper mentions that no one is allowed to the doors of law unless it is intended for them like the case of the man or else it will be shut. The man choosing to wait and die at the gate shows that there are some citizens who would be stay in a nation where there is equality, tolerance and liberty before the law is turned into a rule.


In a dialogue between a Priest and K, K believes that the doorkeeper was fulfilling his duty something that the priest disagrees with claiming that he should have let the man in. According to the priest, admission to law in the beginning requires an individual to behave as per the rules. The doorkeeper could not at the moment allow the man in because it was the rule. However, when admission of law at the end requires that the door would be opened. The priest believes that the doorkeeper had exceeded his duty by not allowing the man in. However, when it comes to duty, a person should not be moved by rage or pity thus by accepting the money from the man, the doorkeeper was wrong. He was not being faithful to the law because there is a possibility of him taking advantage of people. When the law does not mention a particular rule, it is not good for individuals such as the doorkeeper to be adamant about their word. The doorkeeper ended up being subject to the man without knowing it. He might have appeared as the subordinate, but based on the fact that he sat there to watch and deter him from entering the gates, the doorkeeper became a slave to him. However, there was no way in which the doorkeeper could shut the law. It means that the law is always open to be followed. The universal principle of the law is for people to follow it and adhere to it. Anyone who doubts the integrity of the doorkeeper doubts the law which is wrong.


There are small groups of individuals who know the rule of law. This is the reason there are several discrepancies that comes up when it comes to interpretation of the law. Not everyone will have a chance to interpret the law. This is the reason some people may feel less worthy to be entrusted with laws. In this regard, people end up having a belief that no law exists. It becomes hard to believe in nobility and the law because the law is something which is imposed on people. This is the reason the citizens of democracy are not the rulers; instead they are ruled and given laws by the nobility to abide to at the beginning and at the end. It makes tolerance, liberty and equality difficult before the rule of law. It is however not possible to wipe out the rule of law that seems misguiding to the public. People are expected to adhere to the law and conduct themselves in ways that shows respect.


The oath of service that people have sworn prevents them from putting an end to a life that they feel is miserable. The rule of law makes it impossible for them to dare not question anything regarding the standards of action expected from them. Where there are no laws, there is lack of unit just like a place without kings where people shout at one another with meaningless messages. There are those individuals who believe that they can be happy with their roles as courier and in no circumstance abandon them. However, others believe that couriers make their lives miserable. It therefore becomes hard to adapt to situations such as those that require tolerance, equality and liberty.