Philosophy Sample Essay on Personal Identity

Personal Identity

The compensation of $ 50 Million dollar after the damage of the already existing person is worth the cost hence would agree to the procedure. The duplicated person would have what it matters to the damaged identical thus no loss of identity. If one person happens to be duplicated and the original being is destroyed, the identity of the initial is transferred to the resulted new being. After transfer of personal identity, memories, beliefs, and desires, the new being would typically reason and see things like the existing person. Even if human beings have special self-interests in their own future and not for any other, the rationale that the other person to be duplicated would have a future just like the existing person is something acceptable to human beings. In this situation, identity would not practically matter. This is because someone other than the existing person was to continue living being a total duplicate of the living individual who would have all that matters to the existing one. This would not be difficult for the living person to transfer their identity to the new person.

A person in the next world would not be an earlier duplicated individual. In the next life after death as assumed, all human beings will be new creatures, without memory, beliefs, desires or characters. Without these traits, the initially existing person would no longer be there. This supports the argument that, this person in afterlife would not be the initially duplicated person since they lost the traits. Memory criterion also argues that, if human beings were to be transformed into irreparable states, that person would have ceased to be the existing one. This is due to the faded memory hence stopped to exist; the resulting being would be a new being.