Personal Statement Paper Sample

Personal Statement Paper Sample


Personal Statement








Part 1

Project management is my major option. I have made this decision and choice based on background and interests, which perfectly fit this career path. Throughout my life, I have admired the success story of my father as a businessman. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt project management has a direct influence on the success of any business. It prepares an individual for future planning and execution of business ideas. I have equally witnessed this in my father’s business career especially during my two years experience in his organization. I believe that key elements of project management, say, resource organization, asset motivation, resource allocation, and planning are essential in the success of any project that one may intend to undertake. These competences enhance the realization of one’s objectives with a given budget allocation. For instance, project management gives one the ability to manage time, skills, finances and physical resources to advance the agenda of the firm.

I have seen my father emphasize and apply principles of project management in the running of his enterprise. His influence, which I have felt through his productivity and reliability, has become my study plans pillars. His influence has been effective and so pronounced because of how we relate. He is a symbol of authority and influence, and closely present in my life. It is therefore clear that my choice to major in this field has largely been influenced by my dad, who has continuously applied management competences to advance his business objectives.

Importantly I have gained immense experience by working on my father’s architectural firm for two years. I served in various positions like office employment, where I was charged with the responsibility of facilitating managerial and administrative roles in the organization. These responsibilities were quite relevant and helped me have a view of the field of project management. Oftentimes, we worked within tight schedules in order to achieve set targets. I also appreciated teamwork, in identifying needs, planning and proper allocation of the firm’s resources for the purpose of augmenting good performance.

The strengths and abilities of individual members of various teams were key, as this was the basis upon which duties and responsibilities were shared among members. Proper coordination was also essential and this called for good leadership for every team. Through this experience, I familiarized myself with responsibilities, mechanisms, processes, and various spheres of project management. I also understood the role of project management in promoting the success of any given business. I believe this prior experience and knowledge will largely constitute to my strengths in the field. It will also offer a platform for academic preparedness, which is crucial for excellence for being psychological ready. I intend to make use of these strengths in advancing my career in the field of project management.

Part 2

I have personal attributes and achievements, which make me standout in the crowd. Through life experiences, which have shaped my personality, I believe that these are paramount for the challenges ahead. The experiences have also benefit to me, by remaining a source of knowledge, experiences, and lessons, which I will apply in my studies and the field of project management. My experience with Saudi Arabia’s Marine and as a snapper in the National Guard was of great significance. Having served in the Army between 2007 and 2009, I gained knowledge and experience, which exclusively applies to discipline forces. During this service, I sharpened organizational skills. I am enthusiastic about this major and ready to pursue project management with passion.

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