Personal Ethics Statement

Personal Ethics Statement

How do you personally determine what is right or wrong?

Everyone has their own manner of reasoning and response they would give in elevated situations which largely depends on their intellectual capacity as well as ability to control their emotions. Reasoning, is a process that entirely entails all human sense ranging from hearing, listening, tasting, feeling and seeing. People have the ability to reason differently depending on environment of exposure as well as the circumstances within which the process of reasoning is developed. Among the factors that would affect how I reason and respond to issue is the level of freedom I have in the entire reasoning process. Connected to this process of reasoning, is ability to establish what is right or wrong. In differentiating right from wrong, I engage all necessary techniques of thinking that have been logically proven. The first step in establishing the accuracy of the statement, idea or anything as wrong or true.

This is to say the supporting evidences must be reliable, consistent and presented in a timely fashion. If the idea fails to meet the standard measures, underlying the process of reasoning, then I would say convincingly that the idea is far from being the truth. For instance, as a judge that is bestowed with the mandate of making a decision over an ongoing case, I would need high levels of constituency within the presented statements. Though the presentation made is weak, so long as the victim remains consistent in their arguments, the individuals have the opportunity of winning the case. It might not be easy convincing an individual for justification on true accounts if the individual is not in any position to derive an element of truth in a specific process presented. This means going so far as tabling standing elements of truth through determined evidences. Still, on part of judgment, as a scientist I would involve use of experiments in the process of investigation to provide evidence as the true account of an investigation. As a process, experimentation remains proven logically and as such, provides the true account of circumstances.

Where does your personal ethical perspective come from?

In the process of reasoning and differentiating the truth from the right, ethical perspective plays a very strong foundation. The values of an individual that are constituent with justification of societal norms is ethics and aids in determining the response one gives when they are faced with very high critical situations in order to decide the appropriate directions to take. In most cases, the decision I would give regarding whether an issue is false or right rests on instinct developed in line with core values. My personal ethics are also internally based and derived on the true meaning of circumstances in the process of interpretation. Whatever might be true should be consistent with my ethical control. For instance, when faced with the decision to rule on whether prostitution is morally wrong, my decision would be driven ethically and would maintain high moral behaviors. My personal ethics originates from social ethics and is a description of the response I give when making a decision on whether a give case is wrong or true. From the negative perspective, I understand wrong application of personal ethics might be misleading since the justification given under the instance aims at fulfilling personal interest.

What do you expect from yourself in dealing with others?

Just like I said earlier, the environment of application determines the kind of response one gives to issues and judgment we present on whether a given case is true or not. On this grounds, the judgment we provide can fulfill either professional or personal interest. On a personal account, the judgment I would give might be totally different from personal reasoning, but whenever reasons behind such an act get examined professional, I might revisit my judgment and conclude stealing is right. On a professional account, I will justify my reasoned on the basis of evidences that are scientifically researched. In all instances, I would expect the truth, personal integrity and accountability while dealing with one another. On that same account, I expect that others will show similar attributes while they deal with me.

What is meant by “core values”? What are your core values?

Core values refer to principles that are laid down to provide individual guidance in every encounter. These core values are supposed to guide an individual’s social trait as well as create a barrier between the don’ts and dos in a particular organization. Contrary to social values, an individual is supposed to develop their own principles in order to provide guidelines so far as interaction with varying social groups is concerned. Development of individual core values is dependent on environment of operation and the population’s social make up. There are some values however, that remain universal and their application provides a standard measure of rational human behavior. Some of my core, important values include respect for personal feelings , the opinions of other people, an understanding for different social settings, respect for authority, practice of patriotism in every process of delivery as well as practicing humility as a means of dealing with colleagues. In all areas, I know that personal values that are highly developed must always correspond to social values for purposes of maintaining high social cohesion levels. If the society’s reasoning were different from that of individuals, then the kind of behavior exhibited by an individual would be termed as immoral.

How has your decision making being influenced by your core values?

The guiding principles of the decision I make whenever faced with conflicting ideas is guided by my core values. If an individual is morally upright, then their decision should follow the perspective of morality and dissipate all statement or actions that are consistent with their core values. Take into consideration what you might do in the event someone asked you to make compromises on your ethical foundation.

It ends up being extremely difficult for one who is deeply rooted on ethics to disengage from such traits and instead, apply non-ethical tools while making certain important decisions. If someone asked me to make compromises on my ethical foundation, they must first provide reasons as to why I should take such action. If these reasons are not convincing, I would stay firm with my decision if it underlies ethical issues that are consistent with moral standard measures.

Sometimes, bad decisions are made by good people. Explain why you think this might be taking place in the business environment today

Decisions made in the business environment depend on a couple of contributions that should be fulfilled. As such, for the maker of a decision to conform to ethical standards of business, going against production objectives of a business becomes critical. In a business environment, one is supposed to make decisions satisfying all stakeholders regardless of the standard of measures.

Give one example of unethical business activities or practices by attaching an article of your choosing. Summarize the article and provide your perspective on why this took place

Stealing company’s money or items is very unethical and might have a negative impact on different processes of production of the company. As it is presented in the article, stealing is an unethical business practice that costs the company and if it is not controlled, might result to collapse and failure of company. In some instances, workers go to the extent of taking materials from the company for personal gains and use. In the same manner, managers take assets of a company and might use the name of the company to acquire external benefits that are self-driven. The major reason managers and workers might decide to engage in this form of unethical behavior is due to insufficient motivation in the form of compensations within the company.

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