Paper on The production of affordable and cheaper space launches

It is no doubt that the success of this project and its continued progression relies on the ongoing support and collaboration of my dedicated supervisor. I am profoundly grateful for your unwavering determination to see the success of this project in addition to ensuring that the entire outlined plan continues as described. The operational successes of the project lie squarely on your collaboration and support, and I am dedicated to following on your wise counsel. Thank you.

Currently, we are contracting launches for numerous companies in addition to countries by putting their personnel and satellites into the orbit. We are in the process of launching asteroid mining in addition to resource assembly from the space at our moon outpost. Currently, our focus is on the production of affordable and cheaper space launches. We are also focusing on reducing launches cost by utilization of higher Specific Impulse, reusability, and higher Thrust Weight Ratio. On the other hand, the Students for Ascension are currently undertaking the selection of candidates to join the company. Through and through a series of tests, the program aims at equipping selected candidates with the necessary skills in various degree programs to later help the company in the development and design of advanced engines and rockets.

The annual Ascension Space Competition currently being prepared aims at bringing on board interested students in space technology. The students will benefit from a host of privileges including fully sponsored educational training and launches. The total budget for the event aims at covering the cost analysis in meeting the project goals and objectives. These include:

Operational costs:                   $100 Million

Educational materials:             $85 Million

Technology Support:               $120 Million

Basic Activities:                      $88 Million

Navigation:                             $177 Million

Launchers:                               $150 Million

Scientific Programme:             $130 Million

Total                                        $850 Million

Despite the well-outlined plans, the project majorly faces the uphill task of putting together all its operational equipment and financial aspect to achieve its objectives. Another major challenge lies in the harsh weather pattern that has derailed the launch of the timely project in addition to logistical problems of beating its deadlines. Due to the challenges we face as concerns operational equipment, we kindly request for additional $500 million to cater for any eventuality and operational costs.

The project stands to empower students in addition to interest groups in space exploration in addition to opening up space to interested parties. At the same time, due to its youthful aspect, the project is important for future investigations regarding involving young students.