Paper on The Market and Your Decision to Go to College

The Market and Your Decision to Go to College

With increased job opportunities for skilled labour, attaining certification is a must requirement for attaining a prestigious job environment. However, there also is the major shift in the type of jobs and courses that have a bigger demand as compared to the number of professionals within the market. Engineering and business-related careers have a higher demand within the market as compared to educations careers. Since there is a deficit in the workers within the market, it creates a huge gap that makes the courses even more attractive for college students. As a result, even with the increase in costs of attending a college, there are government funds that can be used in supplementing the extra costs needed to complete the study duration.

Changes in the job market have a huge impact in the assessment and perception developed towards education. Few jobs have a bigger gap to fill in terms of the personnel needed as compared to others that only lack a few professionals to meet the job deficit within the market. In terms of education choices/ courses, the change in market requirements/ demands helps develop a different perspective of the courses to take. The jobs with bigger employment rates are more attractive as compared to the ones that employ only a few. On the other hand, the jobs with a standard wage that is high are more attractive as compared to those with low remuneration. Therefore, based on these evaluations, jobs with high remuneration and employment rates are considered more attractive. However, such options are not very many based on the variations in the market where one option only might be available; good pay with fewer opportunities for employment. This reduces the choices to be considered.