Paper on TED Talks Video on Job Interview Techniques

The TED Talks video on job interview techniques by Anna Post offers important tips on job interview etiquette. One of the top takeaways from talk is the importance of preparation, especially when it comes to saying the answers to the interview questions aloud alone and in front of friends and family. I believe it is a critical step in confidence building which is critical in increasing chances of nailing a job. Proper preparation will ensure that the interviewee fully grasps important aspects of the interview, even those challenging and tricky questions. I also find her advice on sending thank you notes very intriguing and important. It is an extraordinary step that interviewees can use to show their appreciation for the chance to be considered for the interview and to the interviewers. It is an extra platform to impress the interviewers with thoughtful, precise and insightful rating of the interview. Thank you notes, even when accompanied by emails, allow the interviewees to stand out from the rest, which is critical in nailing a job or internship. The third takeaway from the talk is the importance of keeping time reflective of the interviewee’s respect of the organization’s culture (Ruby n.pag).

The most difficult for me to accommodate will be dressing in the right attire. Anna Post asserts that dressing in the right attire is a reflection of the respect the interviewee has for the organization’s culture. However, each organization has a unique culture and consequently perception of the right interview attire that reflects its culture. Sometimes whether an interview attire is right or wrong is subject to the interpretation of the interviewee, the receptionist, interviewers or any other employee of the organization. Moreover, it will be difficult to match the interview attire for all the interviews I attend. Such an undertaking will be costly too.



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