Paper on Low-calorie Coca-Cola Soda, Apple TV and online banking

Paper on Low-calorie Coca-Cola Soda, Apple TV and online banking

Merchandise and services are being developed for the global market. Low-calorie Coca-Cola Soda, Apple TV and online banking are products that have been introduced to the consumer within the last one year. These goods are toting up to existing merchandise row by these corporations.

Low-Calorie soda

Coca cola has been in existence for decades now. The company is forever searching for techniques to satisfy their consumers (Cortés, 2013). So, the company introduced sodas that have low calories, sugar free. The challenge Coca Cola Company faced was convincing customers that new product contains low calories. The unconstructive picture customary in the market affected sales in a vast way. Consumers will eventually acknowledge the product and clinch to it as they are vigorous drinks.

Apple TV

It exists in electronic souk since 2007. The trader made modifications to the product to ensemble the clientele need. The TV set has high speed working classification and a bigger memory capacity as compared to other products. The greatest challenge in marketing the product came from high competition from rival companies such as Microsoft and direct TV (Shin, Park, & Lee, 2015). Another defy is locating the invention in the bazaar surrounded by rival merchandise already established. Going forward, the product will find its own place in the market and consumers will embrace it.

Online Banking

Services in reservoir division have been given an entire new dimension especially with the budding know-how. Money transfer in the banking has intensified with many banks absorbing the endeavor to hasten transactions (Daily, 2012). Some difficulties comprise of lack of purchaser’s information and penetrating the novel bazaar. However, clients are increasingly increasing claim for the merchandise.



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