Paper on Impact of possible solutions At Bartaco restaurant

Organizations across the globe face numerous problems which span from management operations to poor employee-employer relations. Such problems require well-researched solutions to help avert the effects on the organization. At Bartaco restaurant, the problem of inadequate finances has been persistent and have resulted in the failure to meet their objective to be a gateway for their customers to connect with the environment (Bartaco, 2018). The proposed solution of setting up a steering committee (SC) is feasible and easy to integrate into the organization. The operations at Bartaco were interrupted when one partner pulled out and the financial contribution within the organization was reduced. The impact of the disruption led to reduced capital share for employee welfare (Hamlett, 2011). The solution should thus address the impact to the employees as well as to all the shareholders.

The recovery process for the organization involves identifying the possible solutions and evaluating the impact they will have on the operations. Using the business impact analysis (BIA) enables the organization to clearly identify the sectors that are most affected and which need attention (FEMA,2018). Bartaco has been stuck on its expansion strategy due to lack of adequate finances. The solution applied should be geared towards obtaining finances that will revamp the expansion process. The employee’s number will have to be increased to cater for more customers in various departments and at various restaurants. The impact of the solution will be that the financial allocation for employees’ welfare will have to be increased. The employees would need motivation in the workplace to improve their productivity and better customer service.

In an effort to get Bartaco back to its former success level, the business plan should be reevaluated by the steering committee. Reducing the unnecessary expenses would have the impact of freeing up more capital to handle the employee’s health insurance problems as well as getting more supplies to expand the menu listing. The steering committee members are equipped with adequate information about the organization and make informed decisions. The strategies proposed through the business impact analysis consist both short term and long term solutions aimed at restoring profitable operations at Bartaco. The stakeholders should be updated on the potential changes to be implemented and their support is crucial. Through the continuous process improvement (CPI) plan, the impact attributed to the applied solutions are evaluated to ensure that they are in line with the organization’s objectives.

The organization still offers services to the customers and thus the optimal solution would be that which seeks to offer better customer services. Offering better payment to the employees but cutting down on the unnecessary expenses is a solution which has minimal risk and only requires internal adjustments. Striking a balance between the employees’ needs and the stakeholders’ contributions is crucial since it affects the operations of Bartaco as an organization (TechTarget, 2018). The financial impact is analysis in light of ethical and social concerns which might arise with the implementation of a particular solution.

In conclusion, by using the business impact analysis, the steering committee will identify the best recovery strategies for the organization which offers higher chances of success and reduced risks. The solutions should be implemented at the right time and through strategies with minimal opposition. The changes occur at a slower speed when there is opposition as compared to when the solutions are well accepted by both the employees and the stakeholder. The process of applying the solutions and evaluating the impacts requires the collaborative efforts of the management, the stakeholders, and the employees.




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