Paper on How I Will Incorporate Sociology into One Future Endeavor

The core component of the sociology discipline is the study of human beings and how they interact. Sociology not only prepares an individual for changes in future but also establishes the appreciation and love for diversity, writing, studying abilities and knowledge basing on human being and their behaviors. Sociology students are also armed with knowledge in areas like social integration and organizations, culture and social-related changes. The main reasons why sociology interests me as an individual is because I am the kind of person who does not enjoy following the masses, rather I am intrigued by their actions, attitudes, and behaviors. Sociology also interests me as I have a huge curiosity for the occurrences around the globe and I always desire to be updated when it comes to any trends and patterns concerning human beings. Having studied sociology in college, I plan to incorporate it in my career, as I intend to become a professor in the future.

One of the main ways through which I will incorporate sociology in my teaching profession is by using sociological imagination and thinking to understand everything around me. Having a sociological mindset would not only help me understand my career but also deliver quality. Sociological knowledge would guide me in helping my students understand topics such as education, environment, sports, and work and help them view them using sociological lens. I would use the knowledge gained from my sociology course to teach my students how to think critically and ask questions when interacting with social phenomena to enhance their understanding and knowledge. I could also teach my students how to understand others and their situations which would help the reason effectively in every circumstance. The sociological knowledge gathered from this course will also help me guide my students in exploring the common realities that shape the societies, for instance, inequality and oppression. Using sociological imagination, I would paint pictures of the society for my students to understand the main differences in their communities.

I will also incorporate sociology in my teaching career by applying its knowledge to examine my society and other communities more objectively. I would use sociological knowledge to majorly focus on how the societal elements change and fit together as well as the effects of social changes. With the increased complexity in the rapid social changes, sociological knowledge and imagination would help me equip my students with the relevant conceptualization skills, tools as well as methodologies for understanding the modern community. Using sociological perspectives, I would be able to examine the external factors that influence my students’ behaviors, values an attitudes and this would substantially aid me to understand them better and to motivate them to achieve their goals and objectives. Every person is a component of various organizations, groups, and governments within their environment and thus I would borrow sociological knowledge to teach my students how to be creators of such social groups as well. I would use sociology to equip my students the essence of embracing active responsibilities for instance creation, participation, advancement, and management within the social groups.

The other way I would incorporate sociology as a professor is by teaching my students about the various topics in the course which impact our daily lives. These topics include gender, race, social classes, such challenges, and social inequalities. I would borrow knowledge from sociological perspectives to expound on them, for instance, teach the students the importance of gender equality as well as equity in the distribution of resource to every individual, as it enhances the quality of life for all human being and boosts cohesion. Sociology also equipped me with any marketable skills such as effective communication skills, analytic skills, research skills, and leadership skills and this will further aid me to understand my students and respond to their needs effectively. Generally, sociology studies collective structures, development and behavioral patterns of human beings and their social organizations. I would use this knowledge to pass on relevant skills for instance group behaviors, ethical concerns and cross-cultural interactions to my students. I would use sociology to teach my students how to respond to social changes and problems.

The other way I would incorporate sociology in my profession is by helping my students handle their personal as well as social problems. Sociology offers psychological lessons that best aids an individual solve their mental and emotional issues to avoid any conflicts in the society. Using the psychological knowledge from this course, I would offer guidance and counseling services to my students on issues surrounding their personal lives to help them understand themselves better, which would assist them to coexist with others successfully.

In conclusion, as a sociology student who desires to be a professor in the future, I will vastly incorporate sociological knowledge in my career. One of the ways I would do that is by teaching my students how to adopt a sociological imagination and reasoning. I would also teach my students how to handle their personal and social problems, examine the society and make the right career choices. I will also incorporate sociology to guide my students to embrace the topic that revolves around their daily lives, for instance, inequality.