Paper on Health Service Administration Management

Health Service Administration Management

My desire has always been to serve others in a position in the healthcare system. What attracted me to the healthcare industry is the commitment, hard work, care, and compassion required of individuals in the sector (Ozcan & Hornby, 1999). My experience several years ago where I lost a close relative to the negligence of nursing personnel in one of the healthcare facilities in my neighborhood changed my perception and influenced my pursuit of a degree in the healthcare field. This aside, in the last fourteen weeks, I have had the opportunity to expand my goals as well as reexamine my aspirations as a person looking forward to working in the healthcare sector. I have discovered that the healthcare sector provides a perfect platform for people like me interested in serving members of the community (Brinkerhoff, 2004).

I have further discovered that my goal of reversing the deteriorating health care situation in society today can easily be realized but only with support from all stakeholders including government authorities, colleagues in the profession, and the general community. I aspire to provide excellent health care services, but without the needed support from all stakeholders, this cannot be realized. The healthcare sector today is in a significant mess because of the disregard and the minimal attention given to the sector (Bradley, Taylor, & Cuellar, 2015). There is no doubt that healthcare is the backbone of today’s society, and further jeopardy of the sector could have adverse implications on social, political, and economic aspects.

In the last four weeks, I have had the opportunity to write several papers and to conduct numerous studies on the healthcare sector at large. I can confirm that these opportunities have seen me grow and develop as a writer over the last 14 weeks. Today, I can write and research with ease as opposed to before.




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