Paper on Effectiveness of Chinese and Western Medicine for Gastropathy

An Evaluation of the Efficiency of Chinese and Western Medicine for Gastropathy

There is a lack of evidence regarding the efficiency of Chinese traditional medicine compared to the more commonly used Western medicine in the medical field. This study aims to provide insight about how the traditional medicine is more suitable to treat gastropathy as compared to the latter. For this, the investigation challenged advocates of Chinese medicine to come forward and defend its use to ease gastropathy. Patients all over the world can benefit from exploring newer options to treat their ailments. This will necessitate treatment and improvement of wellness. The examination relied upon both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Interviewing, observation, textual analysis, discourse analysis, ethnographic fieldwork, retrieval of textual data from textbooks, peer-reviewed journals, and online medical sites were engaged for the study. The research question was asked so as to elicit and easily prompt responses from suitable respondents. Consequently, this was used to support the findings of the study to convince the general population about the best medicine that can be used in the treatment of diseases. People and especially practitioners should care for this topic because this investigation provides information used to encourage traditional Chinese doctors to prioritize and support their diagnosis process using evidence-based practice. The general population need to known the effectiveness of both Chinese and Western medicine to make the right choice in cases of sickness. The study was instrumental in evaluating the effectiveness of Chinese medicine in treating gastrointestinal disorders, proving that it is more effective at treating them than western medicine. In fact, the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine is anchored on the assertion that even the modern treatments borrow a lot from traditional methods. Chinese medicine is better than Western medicine because its therapies lowers inflammation of body parts helping in cancer protection, reduces chronic pains, balances hormones and improves liver health.  In this study, the Banxiaxiexin Decoction, a Chinese treatment, is shown to be more effective in treating the disorder than Western Medicine. However, the scope of the study was limited because it relied only on external research studies.