Effective Leadership: The Impacts of Organizational Culture and Leadership Behavior Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction Background Organizational performance and profitability is influenced by several factors, pertaining to the leadership and to the employees of an organization. In most cases, effectively performing organizations have well developed strategic plans with clearly outlined mission and objectives. This helps organizations

Indigenous Culture-Based Education Introduction Great achievements are attained when diverse abilities, interests, and strengths are understood and supported by cultural practices. Culture refers to practices, information, and meanings playing a central role in interpreting and characterizing diversity. Diversity ought to be valued as it is vital for the development of a strong sense of belonging

Two offensive strategies for a mini-supermarket Through practice, offensive strategies are aimed at enhancing firms’ positions in the market by capturing new markets from the rivals. This means that offensive strategies are mostly aimed at enhancing growth by market penetration (Sahaf, 2008). For a mini-supermarket that intends to compete with well-established supermarkets, the best offensive

SECTION ONE The first section uses articles from the Lagos Vanguard in articulating how geographical themes are exemplified in the region. Etomi calls for compliance with environmental laws- February 12, 2015             Environmental geography deals with the interrelationship between humans and their environment, and the articulated solutions to problems arising from the interaction. The article

Ethical case studies Case study 1: Breach of Conduct Background Martin has been enrolled in the postdoctoral research program in the company for the last one and a half years. He was assigned the main research laboratory and has since been working closely with Paul, Clifford, and Maryanne, technicians in the laboratory. The research Martin

Innovation Management and the Role of Women in Clothing Industry in Saudi Arabia Hypothesis 1: There is a lack of the organizational factors regarding implementing innovation, such as (awareness, reward, communication, punishment, and training) which have an impact on compliance with implementing the management instructions and orders The women in Saudi Arabia play a crucial