The Prevalence of End Stage Renal Disease in 55-60 African American Males Purpose of the study, The objective of this study is to engage in in-depth literature review process to provide an understanding of the prevalence of end-stage renal disease in 50-60 years African American males in Florida United States. Through the, review process it

Insider Trading in the US Insider trading is the buying and selling of a public organization’s stock and securities (for instance, bonds) by people who have the nonpublic details regarding the company. Several forms of trading anchored in insider details are deemed unlawful in some nations (Thompson, 2013). This practice is unfair to the company

The Magna Carta and the Constitution The US constitution has proved to be stable and flexible for over 200 years accommodating important rights to its people. The constitution was developed to form the government a new federation which allowed the establishment of citizens’ rights. It majorly serves three functions namely: creating a national government with

Public Information Officer’s Role in American Law Enforcement             For a long period, several police agencies in the United States have created public information officers (PIO) that mainly communicate with many audiences, predominantly the media. Despite the fact that most PIO define their functions as media-inclined and responsive, they apply management-focused practical approaches that are

The Impact of Collaboration between Human Resources Management and Innovation Management in Crisis Situation in Strategies’ Performances of the Firm Introduction             With the growing literatures analyzing innovation and organizational changes, there is still concern about the contributions of such changes to the general employees’ performances (Costa and Sergey 16). Most organizations are concerned about

Women and Political Leadership Global evolution has seen the number of women participating and competing for political positions and roles. Studies show that in the past decade, more women across the globe have been elected to political positions.[1] For example in Africa, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was elected as President of Liberia in 2005. Moreover, in