Occasional Speech: Thankful for Everything My Mom Did for Me

Occasional Speech: Thankful for Everything My Mom Did for Me

Mother, thank you for everything you have been to me. Thank you for the long nights you have stayed awake waiting for me to complete my assignments. You have always made me feel loved. Last week, you told me that I am beautiful; you gave me every reason to hold my head high in school. You have taught me morals, standards, the meaning of life, and its sanctity. I am glad you taught me that respect is earned and that everyone, young and old, should be respected because we know nothing about tomorrow.

I remember one time when I came home from school ruffled up, dirty, and with a swollen eye. Mother knew I had been in trouble. Therefore, she made me bathe and gave me warm tea and her soft, freshly baked cakes. She then asked me what I had got into, and I innocently told her I had gotten into a fight. The next day, she accompanied me to school, and the child I had fought with was called to the office. To-date, I am amazed at how tender my mother has been with me. She talked to the two of us and told us that the world does not need physical fighters but intelligent people who can solve disputes through words. Mother gave me a challenge that day, for she introduced me to the real world where one’s intelligence measures success.

I truly love you mother because you have had too much patience with me. You taught me how to walk and how to talk. You always made sure I was full. You have given me the best meals, and when I grow up, I want to cook like you, mother. My mother is a hard-working woman. She often wakes up at the break of dawn to prepare our breakfast then prepare us for school. Many mornings, I wake up and find her reading from her rocking chair after having completed her chores. I am truly blessed to have you as my mother.

Mother always goes out of her way to make us happy. She often says that a womb that has carried children finds true joy in seeing the children happy. She often listens to my unending problems and rants. Mother knows all my fears, and one aspect that makes me happy is that she truly knows that I love her because of her unending sacrifices for her family.

Mother, I truly love you. Most of my life’s decisions are guided by the fact that I want to give you a comfortable life in your old age. You have been the sunlight for my days and the tree I have always leaned on. I have set to working hard to make you proud of having me as your child. Mother, you are my true love and best friend. Thank you for the life lessons you have taught me and for introducing me to a wonderful extended family. I am also grateful for establishing a bond between my cousins and I. Thank you, mama, for the love you have shown my friends; they often wish you were their mother. Mother, you have taught me that the world will never offer me anything for free. You taught me the value of hard work. So, mother, thank you for supporting and teaching me about life. I love you, mother.