Nursing Reflection Paper on Management and leadership

Management and leadership in the health sector require an overall assessment and understanding of different personal qualities that may help an individual to cope with the changing environment. From personal experiences, the concept of management in nursing involves the application of one’s understanding on different factors that affect effective performance of other staffs. Additionally, it should be adaptable and have the ability to inspire others. Considerably, nursing management also involves effective organization and planning of the available resources to ensure the set objectives are achieved. Relationship development also plays an important role in characterizing the nursing manager as it helps in initiating team spirit and proper communication mechanisms.

The self-evaluation test carried out revealed some of my strengths and weaknesses that affect my performance as a nursing manager. Some of the strengths identified by the nursing skills inventory include financial, human resource, and strategic and data management, among others. Considerably, these areas define my ability to administer different resources, particularly among other employees, and budgeting for the institution’s performance both financially and economically. Additionally, the report revealed that I could easily create a work-friendly environment that could increase the output of other staffs, particularly through job allocation and evaluation of their performance.

Some of the weaknesses identified by the nursing skill inventory were depicted in two out of the four categories that include personal growth and development, the practice of ethical behavior, planning of career path, and individual positioning.These aspects are equally important in improving the performance of both the staff and the facility. Additionally, the examination revealed that areas such as performance improvement, cost budgeting, and the establishment of a vision statement also affect my individual productivity as a nursing manager. The different variants assessed by the test are extensive, and therefore, reveal the true potential of a nursing manager’s abilities in all the relevant fields.

Advocating for Change in the Workplace

Of the four categories identified analyzed by the report, nursing management as a science and as an art was recognized as my best ability. Considerably, these two areas define some important aspects including the expertise to evaluate staffs, analyze and budget for the institution, job allocation, building relationships, maintaining of a fair working environment, and crisis management. Crisis management as one of my strengths will help me in restoring conducive working conditions among the nurses and also between patients and other medical professionals.  Equally, it will assist in solving any form of disagreements that may exist in the facility. Additionally, it will help in developing appropriate strategies that can be used to promote diversity in the organization.

Strengths in nursing management as an art including relations development with staffs will help in the identification of roles, allocating resources, and project management which are equally important in initiating change in the organization. Moreover, these aspects will enable employees to understand the importance of maintaining ethical environments and proper organizational culture that support creativity and innovativeness. Essentially, these strengths also allow the incorporation of technology in the management process that will, in turn, allow both the institution and its staffs to increase their productivity. Considering the emerging trends in the health sector and the need to increase the accuracy and quality of services among nurses, these factors will help in promoting patient safety and reducing the number of complexities faced by nurses.

The ability to evaluate outcomes, manage meetings, and application of proper recruitment techniques will allow the employment of modern methods of employment that will help the entity to recruit skilled and innovative individuals. The identified leadership expertise will also allow me to create teams in the organizations. Notably, through the identification of individual abilities and interests, most of the staffs will be grouped to aid them in polishing their knowledge and skills in specified fields. Effective budgeting and data interpretation will also allow me to plan for the facility’s spending and investment to increase its ability to serve patients and create a favorable working condition for staffs. This concept will not only assist the institution to reduce the existing complications but also identify strategies that may help improve the quality of services offered.

Personal Goal for Leadership Growth

One of the personal goals that I have set to help me in improving my leadership growth is the ability to increase my workload in the facility. Understanding how the institution works is an important element that helps in the delegation of duties, avoiding distractions, prioritizing of tasks, and setting of realistic deadlines. Effective planning and controlling all the roles of a nursing manager has been a major challenge and has limited my performance. Managing the workload through delegation enables enhancing the quality of services, as well as enabling employs to concentrate on serving patients. To implement this process, aspects such as strategic thinking, assessing other people’s abilities, and consistent training will help in helping other employees to be conversant with the culture and operation of the institution. Equally, the groups developed will consist of a team manager that will be responsible for the operations of the members and training where necessary.