Nursing Paper on The Trends of Nursing

Nursing Paper on The Trends of Nursing

Various factors influence the public’s image of nursing. According to Karen Tomajan the main factor involves how nurses interact with the public. Thus, nurses should ensure their conversations either with strangers or familiar persons sway a positive perception building the profession’s reputation. Interactions among patients also influence the public’s image of nursing depending on their opinions. The media especially through movies and series also portray nurses influencing the public’s image on the profession. In order to promote an accurate image of the professional nursing in the media, the author asserts that nurses should engage in public community health events developing and implementing ethical standards in the profession. The policies should emphasize that nursing is keen in protecting patients’ privacy. Public campaigns can also promote positive image of nursing by relying on marketing, advertising, and public agencies (Tomajan, 2012).

The present trends in society influencing professional nursing according to Susan Jacob and Dawn Vanderhoef are diverse. Shift in demographics for example should be a trend nurses are familiar with to ensure they diagnose and address patients’ issues. Consequently, they can apply the best communication skills in describing care plans to patients from different age groups. Consumer education trend has been increasing ensuring patients are more informed as they seek healthcare. Nurses should therefore help patients in sorting their information to identify valuable and specious healthcare plans to implement (Jacob, & Vanderhoef, 2015). Recently, access to online nursing education has been expanding. This trend has fueled interest among nurses to expand their educational offerings without sacrificing their current careers. Consequently, quality of nursing care has improved.

Community and collaborative nursing trends have also been ensuring the profession reaches patients in their homes regularly with help from other health care specialists including social workers, dentists, pharmacists, and mental health providers. Ultimately, most of the trends have improved the nursing profession (Jacob, & Vanderhoef, 2015).



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