Nursing Paper on Reaching Healthy People 2020 Goals

Reaching Healthy People 2020 Goals

QC visited a care facility with an exacerbated breathing complication that he mentions has affected his ability to continue his everyday jobs. He is a miner and lives in the rural region, which in parts has affected his ability to access care on time. The first symptoms were exhibited nearly a month ago, and since he was unable to reach the nearest care facility on time, the condition escalated leading to COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

As part of the management of outreach department within the healthcare facility, it was the duty of the department to implements mobile clinics and awareness programs to reach to the rural regions to teach and offer medical care to the populace. However, due to poor planning measures and approaches, it has been hard to ensure that the targeted populations are reached on time and the necessary resources provided for operations. The initial check-up and smear tests did not indicate any critical indications that were necessary to implement a treatment plan. However, even with the initial smear tests, the symptoms would have offered the necessary elements to be considered in starting initial tests and treatment options.

If faced with the same situation, more emphasis will be on the development of more tests to determine the initial symptoms of the complication. At the same time, it would be more necessary to conduct frequent check-ups with the patient after the first test to determine their progress and possibly any changes in terms of symptoms of exacerbation. Conducting frequent check-ups helps determine the best approaches to be considered in managing the symptoms and further impact of risk factors.