Nursing Paper on Pediatric Flu Management and Prevention


Pediatric flu is the viral infection in children that cause respiratory complications. Statistically, millions of children get sick with the flu each year with those under 5 being at a higher risk. According to the CDC, 7,000 -26,000 children have hospitalized annually in the united states, due to flu-related illnesses. Lack of knowledge on the management is a significant challenge that can lead to severe complications and in some instances death. Primary caregivers should be aware of the symptoms of the pediatric flu such as coughs, running nose, fever, chills, fatigue and body aches. They should be equipped with the necessary information on its treatment and containment.

Vaccination is the most significant defense against the flu and controls it from spreading to others. Getting the children vaccinated against the Influenza virus annually help boost their immunity and prevent seasonal flu. Prescription of antiviral drugs is the most effective for treatment and prevention of flu. Proper hygiene and sanitation are also essential in avoiding the spread of influenza. Consequently, maternal immunization has proven to reduce the risks of children getting pediatric flu after birth. The mothers are advised to ensure that they get all the required immunizations before birth to boost their immunity and that of their unborn child.

Coughing dries out the child’s throat, and thus they should be frequently hydrated. Fever is a common symptom associated with flu in children and parents are advised to administer paracetamol syrup as this reduce the fever (Johnson). Use of decongestants and antihistamines help in relieving symptoms such as sneezing, itching and nasal discharge. Influenza is contagious and caregivers of children under six months are at high risk of infection. It is essential that they get vaccinated. Further, parents should maintain high levels of hygiene to prevent the spread of the flu in the household.







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