Nursing Paper on Assessment of Family Health Risks

When interviewing and assessing a Native American family on health and diseases, the most important question to ask is whether or not they can easily access the health care facilities.  One of the most important tasks as well is to educate them on the completely transformed health care policies in order to make them ease up on their fears about their initial views on health care. The first session should also be about familiarizing with the family in order to have them feel free to openly talk and open up about their issues, health and matters affecting them health wise. From my past visitations, I find that it is quite helpful to clearly notify them of my reasons for visiting and of what importance their cooperation would be to my interview.

While the main concern would be on the father for his drinking, the most important question would be what the reason behind his drinking is. Is it for socialization or is it because of some problems encountered? Choosing a time when most of the family members are home for the visit is quite important in order to get an accurate account of the family’s health record. Since most Native Americans have reservations about health care, personal safety would be quite necessary and one way of ensuring this would be by making sure the family has no fear or reservations about my presence in their home as a health worker. Including the elderly in the assessment would be quite helpful in making the younger members open up because they are highly esteemed and their involvement would be a sign of approval of my interview. I find that it is especially helpful if the family members fully understand the purpose for my interview and assessment of their health history.