Nursing Paper on Adult Health Chronic: Types of Facility Settings

Adult Health Chronic: Types of Facility Settings

The rising number of chronically ill patients demanding for health care has led to development of various healthcare facilities. One of the health care facilities providing care to chronically ill clients is the nursing home. Nursing homes play a crucial role in the management and treatment of chronically ill patients. Often, these patients face emotional challenges such as depression or stress. Nursing home settings through nursing experts provide emotional support to chronically ill patients (Buhler‐Wilkerson, 2007). Also, when it comes to meeting special care needs, nursing home settings ensure that patients receive appropriate treatment and are given appropriate drugs in the process. Nursing home settings can provide special care such as mouth care. This can involve helping the patients with duties such as brushing of teeth as recommended by physicians. Also, provision of skin care forms parts of the special care provided to chronically ill patients by nursing home facilities (Buhler‐Wilkerson, 2007).

According to federal laws, health care facilities must protect both the safety and rights of patients, and this includes chronically ill patients. Nursing home settings are committed to ensuring the safety of chronically ill patients by ensuring that they are often accompanied by nursing home staff in their undertakings. In ensuring safety, these settings put in place measures to reduce falls that are the leading contributors of injuries and deaths of chronically ill patients. Other than having nursing staff accompany the patients, the settings ensure safety by providing equipment that assist in ambulation. Moreover, chronically ill patients are often subjected to physical injuries such as cuts that leave wounds. In these situations, nursing home settings play a key role by carefully dressing the wounds and preventing further pain by administering pain relieving drugs (Buhler‐Wilkerson, 2007).




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