Nursing Homework Paper on My Nursing Philosophy

My Nursing Philosophy

Nursing is a noble profession that requires high-level commitment to exercising vital values related to patient care. I deeply believe that it is a calling because of the fact that I feel closely drawn to persons in need. Generally, the primary goal of nursing is to ensure patient safety, empowerment, attend to the entire needs of the patient, and finally attain healing. Besides being caring, nurses require knowledge regarding clinical practice and integrity in order to achieve both personal and professional goals. Nurses assume the sole responsibility of providing holistic and safe patient centered care at all times. At this point, it is worth appreciating that patients have varied conditions and require different forms of help. Individualized attention enables nurses to respond effectively to the needs of all patients. In order to attain this desirable state of affairs, nurses uphold important values and virtues pertaining to patience, love, care, commitment, hard work, persistence, and kindness amongst others.

In order to perform optimally at all times, education is of paramount importance. Nurses are responsible for keeping themselves knowledgeable about their clinical practice, patient expectations, and the changing trends in this field of specification. This is attained through perpetual learning. Education equips them with sufficient and relevant skills, knowledge, and competencies to make informed decisions regarding the wellbeing of patients. Self-enhancement through education enables nurses to evolve professionally and become conversant with important technological advances. It empowers them to exercise evidence-based practice at all times as well as educate the patients about their conditions and how best they can manage them in order to hasten recovery. Educating patients’ families about health behaviors and available treatments enables them to attain quality lifestyles. Effective nursing practice recognizes the importance of continued knowledge acquisition.

Successful nursing practice appreciates the role of legal and ethical provisions. As much as personal beliefs and values are imperative aspects that guide behavior, nurses should acknowledge professional ethics too. In case of any form of conflicts that have adverse effects on the wellbeing of the patients, they seek for guidance. Direction from reliable mentors enables them to meet patient needs without compromising their personal beliefs as well as value systems. Professional practice requires nurses to assume accountability for the decisions that they make at all times. This implies the need to exercise critical thinking and base their actions on objective thought. In order to attain favorable outcomes, nurses appreciate the contributions of their colleagues as well as other medical professionals to the wellbeing of the patient. Fundamentally, nurses are resourceful individuals who have vast knowledge in the field of healthcare. They assist other health professionals, fellow nurses, and nursing students during the execution of their duties. The strong mutual relationships enable them to maximize patients’ health and enhance the reputation of the profession.

From an individual point of view, nursing is a satisfying profession whose goal and objectives are consistent with my mission. In this respect, it is rewarding because it enables me to meet both individual and career objectives. I derive immense satisfaction from helping those in need and giving them hope. Currently, I contribute significantly to this practice though effective pain management and emphasis on holistic care. Besides being a leader and mentor, I focus on inspiring willing individuals to enter the profession and contribute positively to the health and wellbeing of populations.